Maison Vignaux c/o Continental Productions

Additional Info // about Maison Vignaux

Damien and Jacqueline Vignaux are Maison VIGNAUX, a creative studio developing content in film, photography, illustration and animation for fashion and brands.
Their love for experimentation, and their high-praised visual touch -a crossover of traditional film techniques and cutting-edge contemporary illustration skills, led them to work for clients such as L’Oréal, Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, Nike, Citroen, Swatch, Arte, Nina Ricci, MTV, Redbull, Sunday Times, Warner or Air Canada.

Damien navigates through fashion and graphic design since 2005.
He started as an illustrator and motion designer, but quickly made his way into fashion photography and film when moving to Berlin.His multi-disciplinary experiences with numerous clients always lead to singular works.

Jaq started with modelling and acting, giving her a solid background and experience in front of the camera. She handles small to medium scale productions for Maison Vignaux, co-directs and writes fashion films and commercials. You’ll also find her behind the camera. .