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news ABOUT YOU x Wardrobe Innovation shoot with Arnaud ELE c/o COSMOPOLA

Photographer ARNAUD ELE and Art Directrice LAURA KNOOPS, both c/o COSMOPOLA, realized a wardrobe shoot for the client ABOUT YOU. Set design was taken care of by Cathrin Sonntag.

“We live in a society full of codes and rules, and Ele believes it’s essential to free oneself from such structures. Photography and filming allows him to both express and experience – giving him a semblance of freedom. Ele often not only produces still images but also film when he’s working on a project, which ranks him among a very select category of photographers who master both techniques. For most projects, however, he doesn’t always work alone. He collaborates with his girlfriend Laura Knoops who works as a graphic designer and fashion consultant, a brilliant combination.”

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