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Paris, Los Angeles
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news featured by FIXIP CX-70 Unveiled: A Seamless Symphony of Innovation’ - FIXIP, Los Angeles, presents you the new MAZDA campaign, photographed by MP CURTET

FIXIP Creative Post-Production Studio tells us : “Collaborating with MP Curtet and Mazda USA’s creative team, we successfully launched the CX-70, ensuring a seamless process from production to delivery. Our careful and natural approach resulted in an impactful campaign that surpassed client expectations.

Partnering with renowned photographers MP Curtet added excellence to the campaign. Their creativity harmonized perfectly with the Mazda design philosophy, crafting visually stunning imagery that captured the essence of the CX-70.

Throughout the project, our teams worked in unison, fusing creativity with technical expertise. Being part of it from the shoot through post-production enabled us to address challenges promptly, ensuring results that exceeded expectations.

The CX-70 demanded a campaign showcasing its features and design. Our collaborative efforts highlighted its technical prowess and aesthetic appeal across various platforms, from social media teasers to traditional print...

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