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featured by GoSee EVENT : EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY Part 1: ‘Behind Desire’, on display at 36 in the Berlin Mitte district, opening 16 October, 2020

Following extensive renovation in Chaussee 36 in Berlin, a new exhibition is taking place again soon: Opening its doors on Thursday, 16 October, 2020, is EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY Part 1: ‘Behind Desire’. Awaiting guests at this group exhibition are works by Gerard Musy, Eva Ionesco, Ellen von Unwerth, Renaud de Gambs, … to name a few.

Chaussee 36: “The group exhibition ‘Behind Desire’ to introduce the different facets of eroticism and explore the mechanisms of desire in art photography. Going beyond the mere presentation of erotic images, to investigate the complex perception of erotic sensations, stimulated by photographs and literary extracts. In a society increasingly dominated by sex and pornography, awareness to the significance of eroticism needs to be raised. A participatory journey through the exhibition will enable an intimate discovery. At the same time, a critical examination of the notion of eroticism, which is shaped by patriarchy, must be emphasized.”

‘Behind Desire’ opens the exhibition series EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY, featuring the first insights at Chaussee 36 into the collection de Gambs, which specializes in nude and erotic photography. With every further exhibition, new themes of eroticism will be examined. This is complemented by contemporary positions.

About – Chaussee 36 is an environment for creative exchange and artistic co-operation, housing several exhibition spaces as well as a photography and design collection, a library, a publishing house, an artist residency, an analog photography lab, and a coffee shop. Originally under the name Galerie 36, the photographic projects of the house will now be released under the name Chaussee 36. Collaborating with galleries, public institutions and private collections, Chaussee 36 shows the work of renowned photographers and promotes upcoming talents. GoSee : chaussee36.photography
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featured by GoSee SHOP : We make sure everyone is happy – editorial content and photos from the GoSeeSHOP are now available via the GoSee NEWS portal

The idea for the GoSeeSHOP platform developed over the years. The GoSee Editorial Office has been, and still is, frequently asked by editors, agencies, readers... how they too can get access to the beautiful photos, captivating illustrations, personal spreads... . Whether for commercial use in the form of a campaign, a website, for an editorial or for private purposes. We have, of course, always passed these inquiries on to our members – but we thought it would be a lot more elegant to do so with a programmed GoSee service.

We decided against founding a stock agency ourselves and thought we would rather provide organizational support. A lot of times, particularly the financial transaction tends to be somewhat complicated for creatives. The GoSeeSHOP platform changes that: An INTERESTED BUYER sends a PURCHASE REQUEST – and the SHOP Owner is free to accept or renegotiate if need be. Once both sides have come to an agreement and GoSee has RECEIVED PAYMENT, the ARTWORK is delivered.

PRICING and the FORMATS offered are the decision of the SHOP Owner alone – who can sell personal spreads for editorial use just as well as personal projects, reportages, fine art or landscapes.

This GoSee service not only includes the FINANCIAL TRANSACTION – we also provide our SHOP Owners with editorial support. Upon request and when it fits in, we feature SHOP artwork in an editorial article. Which can now be found – alongside other wonderful topics all about the SHOP – on GoSee under: www.gosee.de//shop

About – GOSEE SHOP showcases artwork, books, services and products you can either buy on GoSee or on the websites you find in our articles. Our GoSeeSHOP PLATFORM offers you the opportunity to buy and sell works in the GoSeeSHOPS – managed by the creatives themselves. Whether photography, illustrations, art, books, … for editorials, campaigns, your office, your store or at home: GO & BUY the artwork of your dreams either as a digital download, print product or even as a fine art print.

With each purchase, you support the selling artist and – who knows – will perhaps start your art collector’s career with GoSee. GoSee takes care of sales from A to Z for all artwork found on our GoSeeSHOP PLATFORM from first contact to final delivery – and charges a total of 25% of the final price for this service. We make sure everyone is happy.

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