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Paris, Berlin
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news featured by WILDFOX RUNNING JJJJound presents a new PORTER bag series, photographed by Daniel FEISTENAUER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING for Bienvenue Projects

Following the ‘Navy’ nylon series back in 2021, JJJJound teamed up with PORTER once again to develop a new bag duo. The PORTER bags are available in JJJJound’s signature shades of sail white. Daniel FEISTENAUER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING staged the bags.

JJJJound is a lifestyle and design project founded in 2006 by Justin R. Saunders. Initially a blog, JJJJound has evolved into a platform exploring fashion, design, art and all things that spark an aesthetic interest. Alongside online content, JJJJound has also developed and marketed products in collaboration with various brands.

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