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featured by Offenblende : Energy = Health = Life - OFFENBLENDE presents you a product film & photo works plus a making-of film for INUVIA Health Products on GoSee.NEWS

At the beginning of March 2021, OFFENBLENDE produced product films and stills for the company INUVIA Health Products, which is headquartered in Berlin. The work of INUVIA is based on the mitochondrial principal inherent to each individual cell. It is aimed at giving everyone the key to tap into their life energy, enabling them to be more mindful about themselves and the world.

The shoot took place at the studio of product photographer Nils in Berlin, who was also responsible for creation of the still motifs. In cooperation with Daniel Lathwesen, Art Director and Producer of the project, he developed a suitable scenario to optimally stage the products and their ingredients.

That same day, short product videos for each of the four products were filmed in the studio by Berlin-based OFFENBLENDE DOP Bastian. Created with a 24mm super macro lens were equally emotive and exciting photos of the ingredients and the packaging. A few lifestyle motifs with the product and model were also photographed as well as the unboxing of social media content from inuvia.

Watch the making-of film and get a glimpse behind the scenes and the results of this thrilling production by Offenblende.

inuvia, a product of INUVIA Health products GmbH by CEO Eric Hopf, takes you by the hand – so that you have sufficient energy to live a healthier life. Active ingredient of all inuvia products is the scientifically certified Zellfokus+ composition. It consists of select micronutrients and phytochemicals which support the power plants of your cells in the best possible manner. “And because your actions impact your health, we will accompany you step by step on your way with the inuvia app.” TEST YOURSELF and find out which inuvia product is best for you. GoSee : inuvia.de/selbsttest
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