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And in case you’re wondering about the campaign motifs: looks like we’ve been bitten by the telescope bug, and no cure in sight – we would like to thank CD Daniel Lathwesen for the wonderful AI campaign for GoSee.News in 2024 as well as for EXPERT and UPDATE.

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Let’s get glam! – Innovation meets sustainability in Hong Kong; Creative Director Daniel Lathwesen presents the sustainable fashion brand BeeGreen Fashion

In an extremely elegant and equally modern interplay of creativity and innovation, Creative Director Daniel Lathwesen staged the new ‘Attitude’ collection for the sustainable fashion brand BeeGreen by founder Tina Lyu.

Pure, Fearless & Glamorous – Production took place this October in Hong Kong’s vibrant nightlife hotspot Soho, perfectly capturing the quality & character of the collection. Daniel Lathwesen came up with the concept for the visuals of the entire ‘Attitude’ collection. Moreover, his responsibilities also extend to his role as Creative Design Consultant of BeeGreen.

The BeeGreen brand, headquartered in Shenzhen since 2021, is specialized in the design and manufacture of bags and fashion accessories : “I founded BeeGreen at the end of 2021 with a background in the bag and accessories industry for more than fifteen years. Since that time, my team and I have been on an amazing adventure. We set out to become a company that can help customers bring their ideas to life. A company that puts our expertise and our environmental commitment at the heart of everything we do. I am always delighted to work closely with my teams and suppliers, who are now my close friends and extended family!” founder Tina Lyu tells us.

BeeGreen is a pioneer of the sustainable fashion industry known for its innovative designs, which combine an eco-friendly philosophy with impeccable style. The brand is setting the bar for sustainable luxury fashion – in turn, inspiring others to lead a more responsible lifestyle.

BeeGreen supplies above all the British, Spanish and French markets with its sustainable designs and products. At the moment, the manufacturer is being introduced in leading fashion magazines and on digital platforms.

GoSee : beegreenfashion.com
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