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featured by GoSee FASHION : SENNHEISER headphones campaign with styling by Réka Maria Probst c/o FREDA+WOOLF

Stylist Réka Maria PROBST c/o FREDA + WOOLF worked on the launch campaign of SENNHEISER’s new in-ear audiophile wired headphones with David Daub c/o WILDFOXRUNNING and hair & make-up by Patricia Heck c/o NINA KLEIN.

How Réka made her dream of becoming a stylist come true? While studying Fashion Design, she noticed that whenever she was designing, she would place the piece of clothing into a context and tend to think more about an atmosphere or situation than the piece of clothing itself. She was soon determined to bring this vision to life and create the images she had imagined. After studying Men’s Fashion, she supported the Fashion department of Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine, before moving to Berlin to work for Interview Germany. In the almost three years of working as a fashion editor for Interview, her style developed into what it is today: a conceptional interplay of colors and proportions, which have an agitating, very positive effect on viewers. Following the successful launch of L’Officiel Germany, for which she set up the Fashion department, Réka decided to dedicate her work entirely to her freelance projects. Today, Réka lives in Berlin and loves to travel around the world for her jobs.

Among her clients are Aeyde, Apropos, Closed, Daimler, Davidoff, Dermafique, L’Officiel Germany, Interview Germany, Iphoria, Kat Frankie, King Kong Magazine, Levi’s, Liebeskind, Malaika Raiss, The Medley Institute, Vein Magazine … and photographers with whom she has worked include Adrian Crispin, Julia Grossi, Christian Hagemann, Sascha Heintze, Patrick Hui, Kirchknopf & Grambow, Jan Lehner, Jonas Lindström, Sara Merz, Mark Pillai, Sabrina Theissen, Cathleen Wolf, and Nicole Maria Winkler.
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featured by WILDFOX RUNNING : ‘Twinning’ - the sensibility of togetherness of twins with Maria and Alexandra - David Daub c/o WILDFOX RUNNING for SLEEK MAG

David Daub c/o WILDFOX RUNNING presents us his ‘Twinning’ series for SLEEK here on GoSee (styling by Peninah Amanda, hair & make-up by Peggy Kurka).

“A day like a poem in a delightful garden. Not a demonstration, and it speaks against nothing. More about showing the sensibility of togetherness, the sense of it, the work of being you and me, the rhythm of life and the constantly new demonstration and existence of love. As it seems a moment long, looking at a reflection of an already existing female being. About finding the voice of two young women, having their lives in front of them and flowery backpacks full of dreams, wishes and hope. The harmony in a combination of fabric, light and two willing eyes, protecting the moment to make it last longer. So, she said : “I want to be water”, and they both metamorphosed into swimming lovers. It’s just one of a million definitions of gratefulness for not being alone.”
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