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DAVID MAURER presents you his newest ACTION VIDEO, created in cooperation with CAKE MOTORBIKES

PSSSST! Light, quiet & clean: CAKE’s revolutionary approach to electric off-road motorcycling. Director DAVID MAURER created his brand-new ACTION VIDEO in cooperation with CAKE MOTORBIKES. The name CAKE stands for innovative, lightweight, high-performance electric mopeds and motorcycles. For work, off-road – and fun.

Swedish native Stefan Ytterborn, the founder of premium snow and cycling gear brand POC, founded CAKE in 2016 : “CAKE is on a mission to speed up the transition towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement with responsibility in the development of our electric motorcycles. In order to live up to our creed, we have adopted a cross-scientific approach to working with sustainability issues.”

CAKE’s approach consists mainly of extending product life cycles based upon four pillars envisioned by the company, i.e. purpose, innovation, performance and physical quality. This innovative path, focused on quality and durability, has ensured that CAKE remains a cut above competitors – with a product that stands the test of time.

David Maurer is represented by BOSCHtoBANRAP.

GoSee : ridecake.com
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Photographer and Director DAVID MAURER presents you his brand-new video as part of his OPEL ROCKS ELECTRIC project

OPEL ROCKS ELECTRIC, an emission-free party for two – sounds good… and looks just as great! Want to be free, mobile and just love to be sustainable? Then hop in!  Director DAVID MAURER presents you this new film as part of his OPEL ROCKS ELECTRIC project here on GoSee.News.

In the lead role alongside the mood-boosting two-seater are male models Betsalel David Njock and Simon Meinzer. The two hip beaus were styled by Natalie Schneider. On set as DOP was Noah Mittelstaedt, and in-house production came from Jona Schick.

The Opel Rocks Electric enables young people ages 15 and up to drive locally emission-free in this compact electric city car with a stylish design and space for two. And with a range of up to 75 km, the Rocks Electric will make sure you’re in the middle of almost every party. Suggested retail prices start at € 8340.
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‘OPEL ROCKS-e’ – DAVID MAURER presents a new photography project with the zero-emission two-seater OPEL ROCKS ELECTRIC

Small, maneuverable, locally emission-free – and above all, it can be driven by young people ages fifteen and up. That’s the Opel Rocks Electric, the ideal vehicle for individual mobility even long before you turn eighteen. Because the motor of the Rocks Electric produces 6kW of continuous power, which is enough to reach a top speed of 45 km/h – and also the main reason why the Rocks Electric can be driven in Germany already at the age of fifteen. 

OPEL ROCKS-e – DAVID MAURER presents his new photo project on GoSee.News with the zero-emission two-seater – OPEL ROCKS ELECTRIC.

An emission-free party for two : the OPEL ROCKS ELECTRIC” – and the best part about it : the Rocks Electric comes with a sturdy enclosed driver’s cab, making it more comfortable and safer than two-wheel vehicles. The seats are equipped with a three-point seat belt, and thanks to its sturdy tubular steel frame, it offers passengers a safe and spacious interior, while protecting against impact at 45 km/h.
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