featured by Marion Walter : TESA – EXTREME SITUATIONS CALL FOR EXTREME SOLUTIONS – photo and video production with producer and casting director MARION WALTER

MARION WALTER was commissioned by TESA to produce both ad motifs and spots for the company’s Repairing Tapes – this time with the claim EXTREME SITUATIONS CALL FOR EXTREME SOLUTIONS.

“We were very happy to receive the commission because we love extremely challenging and extremely action-packed film and photo productions. For creation, we got Art Director Jo Kühmstedt on board. Klaus Heinzler photographed the ads and POS motifs but also directed.

Following an extensive round of location scouting, we finally decided to shoot in and around Hamburg. The conditions were perfect – okay, almost. Because, of course, the climatic conditions were challenging for the entire crew and, above all, for the model and photographer. Nevertheless, each and every member of the team gave 100 percent, even physically. For instance, while shooting the kayak scenes at a water temperature of only four degrees in the Seeve at the beginning of February. But that’s also why the photos perfectly show the kind of harsh conditions tesa Repairing Tapes are made for. The same goes for the other motifs which show the tapes used for a bike, a tent or a Landrover, and in doing so, once again highlight the versatility of the tesa products.

At the end of this extremely strenuous and, at the same time, these extremely fun days of production, the lead agency Kolle Rebbe signed off on our work. The result is quite impressive, don’t you think? At any rate, we are more than satisfied with the result and would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who was part of it.”

Producer and Casting Director: Marion Walter
Photographer and DOP: Klaus Heinzler
Art Direction: Jo Kühmstedt
Lead Agency: Kolle Rebbe
2nd DOP: Glenn Schröder @Random Pace, @luna studios
Cast: Andres Haslauer c/o Exit Models
Grading and Motion Design: Delicreativecollection
Sound Design: Jan Eric Kohrs, Luna Studios
Digital Assist.: Daniela Meise
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