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news featured by UPDATE-21 Google Image Search announces news for commercial image search at the CEPIC Congress 2019, DIE BILDBESCHAFFER report on GoSee – and meet DIE BILDBESCHAFFER as an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

THE BILDBESCHAFFER are the pros when it comes to image research, image buying, consulting clients on the subject of image rights, and are experts in licensing and archiving. Plus, they help you step up your game in the professional use of images – with their Bildbeschaffer knowledge base. In a nutshell: They are the image curators – with everything that goes along with it. So they look for everything if you need: photos, videos, graphics. It makes no difference to them whether its for a small motif or a big production, royalty free or rights managed. Services range from spontaneous questions, when you need them to take a look over your shoulder: Is it possible to use a certain motif in advertising? Do rights have to be clarified? Will I find the image in stock? And at tother times, it means big pool research, for which they select the right image sources and dig through the stocks.

"Agencies treat us like a freelancer for research, image rights and licenses – and for companies,...

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