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SKF – a supplier to the automotive industry and the largest employer in the Wendland region has entered into a cooperation with the Office for Economic Development of the administrative district with the goal of acquiring specialized personnel and companies for the region. Business photography and corporate specialist MARC DIETENMEIER photographed for the cooperation.
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MARC DIETENMEIER documents the construction of a block-type thermal power plant for Wolf Power Systems in authentic photos

7am. Six well-equipped men start a spectacle timed in increments exactly to the minute. Within only one day, a 250-ton, mobile crane is used to assemble a concrete blank with millimeter precision, and on the second day the engine is installed just as precisely. In this situation, a photographer is often perceived as a distraction and must also keep a constant eye on his immediate surroundings to make sure it isn’t his last photography job. MARC DIETENMEIER made himself nearly invisible for two days and did without arranged motifs. Everything completely authentic.

Block-type thermal power plants are used to generate electrical energy and heat. This enables a high degree of effectiveness. In Riesa, several blocks of apartments and a hospital are now supplied with electricity and heat from this plant.

Photographer MARC DIETENMEIER is specialized in all areas of corporate photography – business portraits, company reportages, product photography, and architectural photography. Find further reportages and corporate projects directly on his website.
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MARC DIETENMEIER photographs ad motifs for VOELKELS NATURAL JUICES / VOELKELJUICE plus portraits for management of the KLP cultural country outing

Everybody knows VOELKELS NATURAL JUICES from the local organic grocery store. What hardly anybody knows though is that Voelkeljuice is based right between Hamburg and Berlin in beautiful, fertile Wendland where the annual cultural country outing KLP takes place which originally began as resistance against the CASTOR transports to Gorleben.

It's a spectacle which draws thousands of visitors from surrounding cities to the country and local farms where countless concerts, theater performances, exhibitions and other events take place for twelve days. For the KLP, Voelkeljuice commissioned photographer MARC DIETENMEIER to create several ad motifs as well as portraits of management and sales representatives. GoSee: kulturelle-landpartie.de

About - VOELKEL, natural juices since 1936. In the 1920s, Karl and Margret Voelkel settled as pioneers in the spirit of the Wandervogel, a German youth movement founded in 1896, which stood for shaking off the restrictions of society and returning to nature and freedom. Karl and Margret went to the Höhbeck, a sparsely populated hilly area on the Elbe River in Lower Saxony, Germany. They initially planted apple, pear and cherry trees as well as strawberries, currants and gooseberry bushes in their orchard and farmed them according to anthroposophical principles. In this way, the idea of bio-dynamic production became the basis of Voelkel's philosophy eighty years ago already, and it has been a central motif of the family business since then.

After Karl and Margret Voelkel had travelled for several years with a mobile juice press – the Mostmax – from village to village, turning the fruits of the local residents into delicious juices, a permanent cider mill was established in 1936 in a closed down dairy farm near Pevestorf at the foot of the Höhbeck. From the mid-1940s – in the second generation – the company developed a transregional concept under Harm Voelkel. The company has seen the breakthrough to a modern producer of fruit and vegetable juices in the third generation, i. e. under the direction of Stefan Voelkel. Since the early 1980s, he has been at the head of the family business, developing new products for new markets. Along with his team, which includes his four grown-up sons, he currently offers more than 170 different products in organic and Demeter quality. GoSee: 

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