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Double T Photographers / Tina Behrens

Film Rep. · Photo Agency
D-Land, Hamburg
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news ‘Across the Patch’ – photographed by Calle HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS for multi-channel concept TASTE APPEAL

Calle HACKENBERG c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed for the issue ‘Across the Patch’ of TASTE APPEAL, the multi-channel concept consisting of a printed magazine similar to a newspaper, an Instagram channel and a recipe blog.

taste appeal stands for outstanding recipes, culinary delight and a love of food : “We deliberately choose an approach that is contrary to that of established food magazines and customer magazines. An editorial section does not exist. No large-scale advertising, no advertorials. The focus is only on the food, the dishes and the recipes. We keep it pure and reduce everything down to the core.”

What remains are the photos, which are given plenty of room for their effect. Each issue is dedicated to a single topic : “Our recipes are for the most part vegetarian and vegan, but you will also always find a fish or a meat recipe in the magazine.”

The rock-solid recipes which have stood the test of time and taste are the brainchild of foodstylist Lukas Baseda, who has...

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