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News // 22 News by JANA EDISONGA

JANA EDISONGA photographs slightly surreal arrangements of stills and food motifs for THE CULINARY CLUB in Berlin

Created for the CULINARY CLUB was a series of delicate still lifes in an artistical, slightly playful approach to the new products. The CULINARY CLUB is a new brand for handcrafted delicacies made with organic, often regional foods. From roasted-onion pesto, crunchy granola to sourdough bread or even lemon minestrone, there are delicacies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Shop for most products online at www.culinaryclub.de
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‘Your Day is a Workout’ – JANA EDISONGA realizes a photo & film project with brand ambassador & music producer REDCHILD for international yoga brand LULULEMON in the studio in Hamburg

“In Hamburg – on perhaps the hottest day of the year – we filmed and photographed in the studio for LULULEMON. Our hero was brand ambassador REDCHILD: artist, music producer and MC from Hamburg. Embracing the ethos ‘Your Day is a Workout’, the shoot was all about the new urban sportswear pieces from LULULEMON – and temperatures in the studio definitely made it a real summer workout for the entire team. It was lots of fun for all of us, and our hero REDCHILD put on the perfect performance for it.” says JANA EDISONGA and presents you the result here on GoSee.

LULULEMON makes technical sports apparel for yoga, running, workouts and several other activities that work up a sweat. The American brand also champions putting an end to inequality of well-being by means of exercise, mindfulness and activism. This year, seven million dollars went to organizations which fight for the civil rights and social justice of those who suffer from structural inequality due to their identity and skills.

Through photography and film, Jana Edisonga centers her process around a unique partnership with the subjects in front of her camera and a dynamic artistic choreography with them. Not merely objects of the photographer’s gaze, Jana’s models exert a decisive energy in their interaction while losing themselves in the unique landscapes into which they are placed. She draws upon a multidisciplinary background – painting and drawing, as well as photography and video.
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‘Fleeting Encounter’ – personal work by photographer JANA EDISONGA, photographed in the Berlin underground

A fleeting encounter. Meeting in transit. Moments in the urban space between here and there. Inspiration for this topic comes from films in the New York and Paris underground. Berlin subway stations, with their atmosphere and deep colors, delivered the perfect story background. For styling, Alexandra Heckel also went underground, and Natalia Soboleva was responsible for hair & make-up. The personal spread was produced by Tamara Sarischwil.
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