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news CAMPING  EDITION LAMMERHUBER presents you the sensual-intellectual-pragmatic attempt by Verena Andrea Prenners to artistically comprehend the miscondition of life in refugee camps and make us all accomplices to her sociopolitical studies

After graduating with a degree in sociology, Verena Prenner moved to the Middle East. During her stay, she received a funding grant for a project in the Palestinian West Bank. Out of interest for sociological issues, she chose to live in a refugee camp. Besides working on the project at hand, examining the impact of Israel’s security wall on the living and working conditions of Palestinian taxi drivers, Verena Andrea Prenner was given the opportunity to work as a photographer at Muslim weddings. At the same time, she began studying life in the camp: How did the precarious living conditions affect the individuals? How was the community organized, what were its structures? And how did the life there affect her personally?

Daily routines are shaped by the Muslim culture and religion, a life between haram and halal, what is forbidden and what is allowed. Leaving only minimal individual space, especially for women. Residents were surprised about her, as a single woman, moving into the...

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