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news AUSTRIAN PARLIAMENT – photographer Lois Lammerhuber’s new book pays tribute to this exceptional and freshly renovated building as an art treasure, appearing at EDITION LAMMERHUBER

After nearly five years of construction, the renovation of Austrian Parliament finally came to an end in 2023. Only a few days ahead of its official re-opening in January 2023, Lois Lammerhuber had the honor of capturing each of the more than 1000 rooms in the high house with his camera. Floor by floor, he explored this synthesis of the arts – and found some very surprising perspectives.

A building like a sculpture. A building that is home. A building of democracy formed into architecture. A memorial for peace. The very place where life itself is measured. Renovation equates to preservation of value. But renovation also means modernization. It means redefinition. It means a break with tradition, a caesura. It means pausing at a turning point in time. Like a general pause in a piece of music. The ultimate symbol of the country becomes even more visible. Becomes a building like no other. Radically new. Representatively open to everyone. The ultimate agora for all people. And...

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