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AUSTRIAN PARLIAMENT – photographer Lois Lammerhuber’s new book pays tribute to this exceptional and freshly renovated building as an art treasure, appearing at EDITION LAMMERHUBER

After nearly five years of construction, the renovation of Austrian Parliament finally came to an end in 2023. Only a few days ahead of its official re-opening in January 2023, Lois Lammerhuber had the honor of capturing each of the more than 1000 rooms in the high house with his camera. Floor by floor, he explored this synthesis of the arts – and found some very surprising perspectives.

A building like a sculpture. A building that is home. A building of democracy formed into architecture. A memorial for peace. The very place where life itself is measured. Renovation equates to preservation of value. But renovation also means modernization. It means redefinition. It means a break with tradition, a caesura. It means pausing at a turning point in time. Like a general pause in a piece of music. The ultimate symbol of the country becomes even more visible. Becomes a building like no other. Radically new. Representatively open to everyone. The ultimate agora for all people. And Austrians. A meeting place. Shaping identity. It is where the life we live together as a community is determined.

The book was created to take readers by the hand, guide them through the building, make them feel at home and familiar with it. This book opens up the house … ‘makes the visible more visible’ through light, perspective, contrast and a mathematical-geometric design language … and makes discoveries where everything seems to already be known. This book was created as a visual contribution to helping all Austrians make the parliament building their parliament.

Lois Lammerhuber is a photographer and publisher. He has produced more than 1000 reportages, 250 of which for the magazine GEO, in addition to 80 books as well as hundreds of magazine covers. His photographs have brought him numerous awards, including three Graphis Photo Awards for the world’s best photo reportage of the year. He joined the Art Directors Club New York in 1994.

In 2009, he and his wife Frau Silvia Lammerhuber founded the publishing house Edition Lammerhuber, which has since garnered more than 200 awards from the Art Directors Club New York and the German Photobook Prize, among others. In 2013, 2015 and 2017, Edition Lammerhuber was chosen by the Federation of European Photographers (FEP) as the best photo book publisher in Europe.

In 2014, Lois Lammerhuber received the Republic of Austria’s Cross of Honor, First Class, for Science and Art, followed in 2017 by the Golden Medal of Honor for Services to the City of Vienna, the Prize for Special Merit for Representative and Media Art by the City of Baden, and the Grand Medal of Honor for Services to the Province of Lower Austria. In 2013, he co-founded the Global Peace Photo Award, which has since been held annually at the Austrian Parliament. Since 2018, he has been the Director of the Festival La Gacilly-Baden Photo. In 2023, Lois Lammerhuber initiated the Open Your Eyes Photo Festival Zurich.

AUSTRIAN PARLIAMENT by Lois Lammerhuber . 27 × 27 cm, 264 pages, 165 color photos . German | English . Hardcover, bound in linen, French fold jacket . ISBN 978-3-903101-96-8 . EUR 49.90 

GoSee : edition.lammerhuber.at//parlament-oesterreich
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‘Combing Peace’ - Elrea Song takes home the GLOBAL PEACE PHOTO AWARD 23 ‘Peace Image of the Year’

The jury of the Global Peace Photo Award chose the work ‘Combing Peace’ by South Korean artist Elrea Song out of more than 19,000 submissions from 133 countries for the award worth € 10,000. For the picture, the photographer had asked children to retrieve trash from the sea to show the delicate relationship between humans and nature. From the discarded trash, the children created almost surreal sculptures on the beach.

For the eleventh time on the evening of 4 October, the winners of the international Global Peace Photo Award competition were awarded the Alfred Fried Peace Medal at the Austrian Parliament. The keynote address of the evening was given by Shoura Hashemi, who has been at the helm of Amnesty International Austria since 1 August, 2023.

The winners of the Global Peace Photo Award in 2023 are :
Ghassane Kaaibich, Morocco, for ‘Ahyae’
Carla Kogelman, Netherlands, for ‘Majella Parc’
Nuria López Torres, Spain, for ‘Bad Hair’
Elrea Song, Korea, for ‘Combing Peace’
Marina Sycheva, Russia, for ‘I’ll take you away’

In his welcoming speech, Wolfgang Sobotka, the President of the Austrian National Council, emphasized the extraordinary cooperation with the Global Peace Photo Award and how important it is to provide a forum for peace in these times. This commitment is clearly visible in the Austrian Parliament. The pictures of the award winners will be shown in the auditorium for one year at a time. This is the room in which mainly press conferences are held.

The main prize of € 10,000 Peace Image of the Year 2023 went to South Korean artist and photographer Elrea Song.

“Trash, waste. Not the only thing that gets swept into the seas. Human biographies, too, disappear into nowhere, stories end up on a waste heap, achievements of a lifetime are forgotten, fates fade into eternal darkness. Wars are what do that, natural disasters. But also simply the human characteristic of carelessness. The capacity to suppress what threatens life on our planet.

How can we remind ourselves of this in order to change it? How can we reclaim what has been swept away? South Korean photographer Elrea Song, aka Jiyeon Lee, asked children to bring something back from the floating waste of the seas that reflects the fragile relations between humans and nature, between lifestyle and nature exploitation into poetically crazy images. Joyful and sad, alarming and wonderful at the same time. Exploring the topic of the flood of plastic as well as the desired welcome for those who seek refuge across the seas.

Peace, says Song, can only go forward, if you lend me your feet. And I lend you mine. Meaning: together. And it needs the united hopes of us all. And the will to rescue what otherwise would be swept away.

Elrea Song, born 1984, lives in Daejeon, South Korea, with her family and three nieces. They are all engaged in collecting waste along the coast. With her photographs, writes Song, she tries to demonstrate solidarity with people and nature. Song studied Visual Communication Design at the College of Arts. Outside Korea, her work has been shown in the USA and in Italy and has earned her an Award for Future Artists.” – This is how the jury’s laudation summarizes the award-worthiness of Elrea Song’s work.

The best peace image in the children and youth category, The Children’s Peace Image of the Year 2023, worth € 1,000, was won by 14-year-old Barbare Chikviladze from Georgia with her picture ‘Water Fun’.

The jury members from 11 countries found: “Why is the picture we are awarding here a picture of peace for 14-year-old Barbare Chikviladze from the Georgian capital Tbilisi? Because, she writes us, she may still be young, but she knows very well that 20 percent of her country is occupied by Russia. Peace, however, has to do with freedom. And freedom makes people happy. As happy as her friend was at that moment in a summer garden in Rustavi when Barbare pressed the shutter release. Every child, she wrote, deserves to be happy and to live in a peaceful country.

Barbare, whose mother is a philologist working at an insurance company and father is a lawyer, is growing up as an only child and has taken a liking to playing the piano in her spare time. And besides that, still quite fresh, she has developed an interest in photography. She just finds photography ‘really fun’. And was thrilled by the happiness in her friend’s eyes and expression.”

The prize was presented by Hartwig Löger, General Manager and Chairman of the Managing Board, Vienna Insurance Group (VIG): “Vienna Insurance Group has supported the Global Peace Photo Award since the very beginning. We have been promoting the Children’s Peace Photo since its inception, and since last year, we have also been the main sponsor of the entire event. The topic of peace is a key concern for us as an international and diverse insurance group represented in 30 countries. As people and as a company, we need a peaceful environment in order to flourish.”

Lois Lammerhuber, who initiated and has organized the Global Peace Photo Award since the very beginning together with his wife Silvia Lammerhuber, reminded us that ‘peace is not the absence of war, but something that I would like to call ‘successful life’. Every year the submitted photos and stories touch us again with their creativity and passion for what is good and peaceful in this world.”

Peter-Matthias Gaede, Editor-in-Chief of GEO magazine 1994 – 2014 and jury president 2023, praised the submitted works: “We award the prize for the best pictures of peace. Of peaceful movements at least, of peaceful efforts at least. And these are at first, perhaps even second glance more inconspicuous, quiet, less spectacular. We want to point out that man is not always the wolf of man. That there is an undeclared peace movement, rooted in the souls of people. Tracked down by photographers who do not follow the noise of battle – but the good impulses, the good intentions, the good initiatives that people are capable of.

The jury was united by the idea that it is valuable and important to counter the mainstream dystopia, which is only too understandable in view of the current world situation, with at least small glimmers of hope. Of course, with or without us, the wars of modern times will continue. With or without us, there will be poverty and misery. But, we think, it is not the time to surrender. Instead, right now is the time to not give up. It is now time to call upon the public: Let us show what can succeed despite everything. Let us show what can be beautiful despite everything. Let’s show where and how resistance to losing is stirring. Where people stand up against old injustices. Where people do NOT want to go to war. Where neighborhoods are really neighborhoods. Where refugees find new shores. Where the imagination wins. Because we know: These images celebrate the good in people.”

The keynote of the evening was held by Shoura Hashemiwho took over the management of Amnesty International Austria on 1 August, 2023: “I see, I see what you don’t see: Photography is focusing on a small – but important – section, on a supposed triviality, on a part of the big picture. Concentrating on a single image often brings a completely different view of reality as a whole. Let us take a close look and thus understand better. Images of peace are everywhere. We just have to look closely and store them within us.

I see, I see what you don’t see: Yes, we don’t see everything. We are not shown everything. Serious photojournalism makes an important contribution to show in images what is perhaps not reported or can otherwise not be reported. Because people can’t find the words to express the suffering, or because those affected remain silent out of fear. But when I talk about these pictures today, it is not because it is about the suffering that they depict. It is about the peace they lead to. By contributing to the search for truth, by helping the world to know what is happening – and being able to react to it.

Yes, we can discuss human rights. Just as we can think about images: What do they show us? What is the message behind them? How do they bring us closer to a world where there is peace, where minorities get their rights, and where those responsible are held accountable?” Here is the link to Hashemi’s speech: cloud.lammerhuber.at/index.php/s/was

19,195 images from 133 countries were submitted for the Global Peace Photo Award 2023. Most of the entries came from India, China, the US, Germany, and Russia. The submissions were judged by a top-notch international jury. See : globalpeacephotoaward.org/jury

Besides the Peace Image of the Year awarded to Elrea Song, Alfred Fried Peace Medals also went to: Ghassane Kaaibich, Carla Kogelman, Nuria López Torres, and Marina Sycheva.

The Global Peace Photo Award is organized in a cooperation between Edition Lammerhuber and Photographische Gesellschaft (PHG) in partnership with UNESCO, Austrian Parliament, Austrian Parliamentary Reporting Association, International Press Institute (IPI), German Youth Photography Award, World Press Photo Foundation, POY LATAM, LensCulture, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh) e.V., Vienna Insurance Group and APA – Austria Press Agency.

The prize was inspired by the Austrian pacifist and writer Alfred Hermann Fried (* 11 November 1864 in Vienna; † 4 May 1921 in Vienna). Fried was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911 together with Tobias Asser, the organizer of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. 

GoSee : globalpeacephotoaward.org
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stop. think. feel. act. - Open Your Eyes Photo Festival Zurich presents photography and science in the public space - powered by EDITION LAMMERHUBER

From 8 September to 15 October, 2023, OPEN YOUR EYES is presenting a festival of creative photography for the people of Zurich – as a plea for understanding of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Themed upon ‘stop. think. feel. act.’, the festival invites guests to pause for a moment, reflect and feel the magic.

This is where world-class photography meets world-​class science – to create an entirely new communication format. To this end, Open Your Eyes, ETH Zurich and The Photo Society (TPS), an association of more than 200 National Geographic photographers, have created large-scale open-air installations in the parks, streets and squares of Zurich.

The aesthetic magic of the pictorial narrative transforms Zurich into a city of photographs and the public space into a stage set for a synthesis of the arts, the significance of which is tied to the results of scientific research and innovation. In seventeen exhibition islands, the photo festival combines documentary photography and scientific findings in a plea for peace, tolerance and community fueled by the humanist spirit.

The photographic works are not to be understood as illustrations of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but as comments and remarks in the sense of Cornell Capa’s ‘Concerned Photographers.’ Capa chose this term to describe works that go beyond describing events and show them with a humanitarian impulse. This school of thought is also a familiar concept that is related to science: The term ‘Concerned Scientists’ is used to describe the use of independent science to solve our planet’s most pressing problems.

The line-up of photographers at the Open Your Eyes festival is unique: Esther Haase, Chris de Bode, Maryam Firuzi, George Steinmetz, Ciril Jazbec, Ana María Arévalo Gosen, Jodi Cobb, Vera Mercer, Dominic Nahr, David Doubilet & Jennifer Hayes, Rina Castelnuovo & Jim Hollander with Tsafir Abayov, Eli Reed, Steve McCurry, Bea Bar Kallos, Roger Ballen, Ziv Koren, Stuart Franklin, Lois Lammerhuber, Brent Stirton, Peter DeJong, Patrick Zachmann, Gilles Peress, Alfred Yaghobzadeh, Alec Soth, Peter Turnley, Peter Menzel with Alexandra Boulat, Miguel Luis Fairbanks, Peter Ginter, Leong Ka Tai and Louis Psihoyos; Renée C. Byer, Cássio Vasconcellos, Jerome Gence, Gerd Ludwig, Randy Olson, James Balog, Shana & Robert Parke Harrison, Cooper&Gorfer, Anna Boyiazis, Michael Nichols, Goran Tomašević, Markus Eisl and Gerald Mansberger from eoVision and the special exhibition ‘Code of the Universe’ from CERN.

The festival divides the exhibitions into a city route – Polyterrasse, Lindenhof, St. Peter, Münsterhof, Frauenmünster, Limmat, Grossmünster – and a lake route, leading from the General Guisan Quai through the Arboretum to the Enge harbor lake beach. A distance of nearly four kilometers – and admission is free of charge.

“We have come together to celebrate life,” Lois Lammerhuber, Artistic Director and mastermind of the photo festival, said in a nutshell during his opening speech on 8 September, 2023, when describing the essence of this new festival format.

The following media day brought together the exhibiting photographers and scientists for a tour of all exhibitions to discuss their work and its significance in a dialogue in front of the more than interested journalists from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.

The festival catalogue is available directly in the visitor center at the General Guisan Quai, Zurich, and online at Edition Lammerhuber. It not only shows the quintessence of the exhibitions, it also enchants readers with its typical scent of hay. A carbon-neutral print on grass paper, it thus underscores the topic of the festival: the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Publication : OPEN YOUR EYES . Photo Festival Zurich . 14.8 × 21 cm, 272 pages, 84 photos . German, English . Softcover, open thread-stitching . ISBN 978-3-903462-04-5 . edition.lammerhuber.at//open-your-eyes

GoSee : openyoureyesfestival.photo
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