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featured by Torsten Klinkow : TORSTEN KLINKOW stages the timeless super athlete FERRARI ROMA in photos and film

Torsten Klinkow c/o SEVERIN WENDELER photographed the timeless super athlete Ferrari Roma with model Kristina Mostovaya c/o Modelwerk against a backdrop of modern, graphic architecture. And now the film for the project is out!

With its striking flair and style, the car is a contemporary reminiscence of the dolce vita in Rome of the 1950s and 1960s. Torsten juxtaposed the elegant 2+2 seater in strong contrast to the clear lines and hard shadows of the location.

The perfect location was scouted by GoSee Member SVEN LAABS. Séraphine De Lima was responsible for the elegant styling, and Claudia Fischer perfected the look with just the right hairstyling and makeup. Felix Martens and Tilman Jäckle were the DOPs on set. And TREY took care of post production.
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featured by Anke Luckmann : ANKE LUCKMANN stages the new PORSCHE GT3 RS for Grabarz & Partner on the racetrack in Spain – uncompromising, focused, passionate, extrovert & fast

If you talk to Porschists, you know that just mentioning the PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS can make the jaws of fans drop. The recently launched new model once again brings a bit more horse power to the table, and that, paired with a breathtaking look and technical specs. Many motorsports aficionados who prefer other makes have great respect for this automobile – the most thoroughbred and uncompromising sports car, which only received a road permit by a hair. It’s home is the racing circuit.

ANKE LUCKMANN first took a deep breath when her agent called her up and asked if it would be fun to stage the new PORSCHE GT3 RS in a way that immediately demonstrates just how awesome a sports car it is on a track closed off specially for the shoot. Was that even a question? This is precisely what she does! Created in two days – geared up with the niftiest tech, a sensational precision driver, the most difficult weather conditions, strict camouflaged prototype protection measures, and a dream crew – were stunning photos of this vehicle series.

Anke and her team would like to extend their gratitude to Porsche and the agency Grabarz & Partner for the great deal of trust they put in them. It paid off! A great challenge, and when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll. Holy cow! Also part of it were CDs Ralf Nolting and Tim Lehnebach, plus Art Director Alexander Harder, Agent Kai Tietz, and the production company FALCA with Producer Marc Valenzuela and the post production company TREY Digital Studio.
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featured by Anke Luckmann : ‘The Joshua Trees’ – the new tree series by ANKE LUCKMANN shows us the magic of the Mojave desert

The internationally successful photographer focused on transportation and people is fascinated by landscapes and trees. She presents these giants of nature in various impressive series. Her new work with the title ‘The Joshua Trees’ led her to the Mojave desert in California. “Even though the Joshua Tree isn’t actually a tree – for me it is the perfect addition to my tree series,” says Anke.

The Joshua Tree is an important part of the regional ecosystem and provides nutrients and protection for several animal species. The plants, which resemble cacti and belong to the genus Yucca, can reach a height of up to 18 meters and can live up to 900 years. In the last rays of light from the setting sun, the plants exude their very own magic in Anke’s photos.
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