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ROLLS ROYCE Tempus interior and detail shots by photographer Pascal SCHONLAU c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

EMEIS DEUBEL : “Pascal Schonlau’s work explores the boundaries of shape and appearance under the influence of digital media. Pascal Schonlau shot a few spectacular images of the Rolls-Royce Tempus for AKQA.” The photographer residing in London was also commissioned by the agency antoni with interior and detail shots of the C-Class T model.

We quote tuningblog : “Due to the drastic experiences faced during the Corona pandemic last year, British manufacturer Rolls-Royce has created the Phantom Tempus collection – which comes with a couple of very special built-in features, or: let’s just say, less is more. Because the 2021 Rolls-Royce Phantom of the Tempus collection, for instance, doesn’t have a clock. This is meant to demonstrate that Rolls-Royce customers are not bound to time. To let them forget the world outside with all its burdens and challenges for a moment. Rolls-Royce says that the exclusive and rare Phantom Tempus collection is inspired by time itself, how it passes while it seems to stand still. The collection is limited to only 20 vehicles which are already sold-out.

One key component of the edition is a rare astronomical phenomenon: the pulsar. It remained unknown until 1967 and was discovered at some point in the depths of space. The dense, incandescent stars emit electromagnetic radiation in particularly regular pulses, making them the most accurate clocks in the universe. In the Phantom Tempus, this force of nature is reflected in the design of its beautiful bespoke starlight headlining, consisting of a fiber optic lighting system and more elaborate custom-made embroidery. A further aspect of time – the illusion of standstill – is captured in the gallery ‘Frozen Flow of Time’ on the dashboard. The unique work of art is located in the bezel where the clock is usually found. It was designed to express the freedom of not being bound to time.” GoSee : tuningblog.eu///phantom-tempus-collection
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