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Esther Haase

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Hamburg, London
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news ESTHER HAASE photographs the MADAME FIGARO cover story with Mélanie Laurent and Isabelle Adjani, now appearing in ‘Wingwomen’ on Netflix

ESTHER HAASE met up with the two actresses Mélanie Laurent and Isabelle Adjani for MADAME FIGARO. Esther has worked with both of the French women in the past, and the two of them have also been friends for many years. The perfect ingredients for a high fashion editorial in an intimate and laid-back atmosphere.

The shoot took place for the new French heist flick ‘Wingwomen’ on NETFLIX featuring the two actresses, which was also directed by Mélanie Laurent. What’s it about? A professional thief is tired of living the life of a fugitive and decides to retire – but not before doing one last job.

‘Wingwomen’ breaks with the typical gender stereotypes associated with action films. It tells the story of a group of four female heroes who get involved in a diamond heist, high-speed chases and explosive action-packed situations – all the while remaining as confident and witty as ever. Adjani’s character, the Godmother, is a powerful and manipulative person who adds depth and complexity to the...

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