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news ‘Lajzol Serious’ – PAWEL FABJANSKI photographs the album artwork for Polish rapper Paweł Łajzol

Polish musician Lajzol just presented his first solo album – after being busy rapping for some 20 years in various crews and working on hip projects.

“The artist wanted us to play with his image in a non-standard way. ‘Lajzol Serious’, the album title, is obviously a reference to the famous line ‘Why so serious?’ from the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ with Heath Ledger. The album shows different sides of Lajzol – both the wild, the bragga and the darker, more reflective side.” says Pawel Fabjanski.

The idea was to tell a story about emotional states through the use of distorted facial expressions and obvious joy, with a fake smile : “The frugality of colors and the tone of the photos were meant to be a tribute to the world of comics and a clear reference to the Joker as well. The whole expression was supposed to be exaggerated, not entirely serious – if we play with one’s image, let’s do it boldly. The use of scenographically simple elements (a prepared zine, handmade collages created on...

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