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AKUSTYCZ(NIE)ZUPEŁNIE - portrait specialist PAWEL FABJANSKI stages Polish star rapper GRUBSON for his new album cover in a patch of custom-designed indoor nature for OSOM studios

‘ACUSTIC (NOT) COMPLETE’ is the title of the latest album by rapper Grubson, which PAWEL FABJANSKI photographed in cooperation with OSOM Studios. 

“The concept evolved out of the idea of combining nature with interior which reflects the music created by Grubson – mostly electronic, but with some subtle acoustic elements. The album was also released in a limited edition suede-covered box including a mini photo album with artwork created by me,” photographer Pawel Fabjanski tells us. Set design: Jagoda Żmudzińska and styling: Zosia Komasa.

Polish rapper and music producer Grubson, whose real name is Tomasz Iwanca, born in Rybnik on 28 January, 1986, started his career already at the end of the nineties with performances with the crews 3oda Kru, Siła-Z-Pokoju or Super Grupa. In 2009, MaxFloRec released the first official album by the rapper with the title ORS. He has meanwhile received both gold and platinum awards for his albums. The records ‘Holizm’ and ‘Gatunek L’ were nominated for the most significant music award ‘Fryderyk’ in the category ‘Hip Hop Album of the Year’, and his song ‘Na Szczycie’ was the first hip hop song in Poland to receive more than 100 million views on YouTube.

On 27 November, 2020, Grubsons sixth studio album entitled ‘AKUSTYCZ (NIE) ZUPEŁNIE’ was released, which was created in close cooperation with guitarist and composer Jakub Mitoraj. He says, it’s the most personal album of his entire career. It is being advertised with the singles ‘MINY’, ‘EMOTICONS’ and ‘AKTUAL (NOT) BETTER VERSION’. GoSee : grubson.com
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PAWEL FABJANSKI realizes the PUMA Poland campaign with mixed martial arts fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk (stills & motion) on commission for the agency High&

PUMA is collaborating with Polish UFC fighter Joanna Jędrzejczyk as its new testimonial. The campaign was realized by photographer and director Pawel Fabjanski. Joanna Jędrzejczyk is a former Polish Muay Thai kickboxer and today a mixed martial arts fighter who fights in the strawweight class of the UFC in which she held the title. She has competed in 30 professional fights as a kickboxer, winning 27 and losing only three. 

“I created a photo and video campaign for Puma. Joanna Jędrzejczyk – professional mixed martial arts fighter and former Muay Thai kickboxer – joined the team, and the main goal of the campaign was to announce the collaboration. This time, I was responsible for directing the video and creating photographic key visuals for the campaign.

The ad agency behind the project was High&, where Marcin Pyszora and Piotr Kujda are in charge of conception. High& works with Puma on long-term projects and focuses its marketing strategies on collaborations with musicians, celebrities, and athletes. The video campaign was shot by talented DOP Mateusz Dziekoński.”
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PAWEL FABJANSKI presents an experimental portrait shoot with Polish hip-hop duo Rasmentalism, realized using 3D scans and prints, published in NewOnce Paper mag and on GoSee

Pawel Fabjanski, known for his unusual musician portraits and familiar creative approach to the medium of photography, has realized yet another extraordinary project. This time, it was a portrait of Polish musician duo Rasmentalism. It marks Sony Poland’s release of the new album ‘Genius’ only a few weeks ago.

“I decided to take an experimental approach and create 3D scans and prints of both musicians. Later, the action figures were photographed in a futuristic set design. The interview with Rasmentalism was published in issue #07 of NewOnce Paper.”

Through his work, Paweł Fabjański has gained a broad skillset in the preparation of visuals for reputable clients. This has brought him to believe that by describing and uncovering his creative methods he can make a small contribution to the development of global creativity. Whether he’s working with big advertising agencies or small individual clients – he always delivers detailed creative supervision and supports the creative process in each stage of the project. Pawel is represented by SHOOTME (Poland), TAKE PRODUCTION (Italy), and PINK PRODUCTIONS (Czech Republic).
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