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‘Lajzol Serious’ – PAWEL FABJANSKI photographs the album artwork for Polish rapper Paweł Łajzol

Polish musician Lajzol just presented his first solo album – after being busy rapping for some 20 years in various crews and working on hip projects.

“The artist wanted us to play with his image in a non-standard way. ‘Lajzol Serious’, the album title, is obviously a reference to the famous line ‘Why so serious?’ from the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ with Heath Ledger. The album shows different sides of Lajzol – both the wild, the bragga and the darker, more reflective side.” says Pawel Fabjanski.

The idea was to tell a story about emotional states through the use of distorted facial expressions and obvious joy, with a fake smile : “The frugality of colors and the tone of the photos were meant to be a tribute to the world of comics and a clear reference to the Joker as well. The whole expression was supposed to be exaggerated, not entirely serious – if we play with one’s image, let’s do it boldly. The use of scenographically simple elements (a prepared zine, handmade collages created on set, glasses, grills) allowed to build a coherent and visually strong story of laughter and more aggressive, crazy (absurd?) shots/frames.” Pawel Fabjanski tells GoSee.

“Seen in the photo (head in bag, comment by the editor) is the album cover created during the photo session, where the music video for ‘Łajzol Serious’ was also created. To realize these projects, I worked with the exact people I dreamed of: @jacekwalesiak @pawel_fabjanski @sworo @directedbypak @kuba_sway @niedzielak_mateusz @slow_anka and others, not mentioned here. Of course, thanks also go to the @2020.loading team, who perfectly understand my vision (even though I try to explain it) and without whom this all wouldn’t be possible.” Paweł Łajzol, musician.

GoSee : fabjanski.com
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‘To bring the enjoyment of sports to all’ – PAWEL FABJANSKI photographs the DESCENTE campaign in Milan

Photographer PAWEL FABJANSKI realized the new photo campaign for the brand DESCENTE, the focus of which was on the latest sportswear collection from the Japanese company. The motifs were shot in Milan where the modernistic architecture served as the perfect backdrop.

Pawel paid particular attention to accentuating lines and forms while also capturing movement and dynamics. After all, the idea was to stage the moves of sports in a haptic manner. The entire shoot is marked by Pawel Fabjański’s signature style in which dynamics, geometry, people and architecture are seemingly amalgamated to form a perfect whole.

“From Sportswear to ‘MoveWear’  – The company’s manufacturing capabilities are a strength that is essential to solving our material issues and achieving sustainability. Our unrivaled pattern technology and the high-quality sportswear manufactured in our own factories have gained a strong reputation overseas as well as in Japan, and we are much loved by customers, particularly in South Korea and China, as a premium sports apparel brand. We continue to create sportswear for top athletes, of course, but we are also utilizing the technology we have developed to date to define a new category of apparel, not limited to sports, which we call ‘MoveWear,’ the sportswear to ‘move the body and move the spirit.’ Under the ‘MoveWear’ label, we will create clothing that feels great while you are ‘moving,’ and also excites you. And to ensure customers can fully recognize this value, we will be expanding our direct touchpoints with the customer through our directly managed stores and e-commerce site.” Shuichi Koseki, President of DESCENTE. 

To bring the enjoyment of sports to all’ – The Japanese company for sports apparel and accessories DESCENTE was founded in 1935 by Takeo Ishimoto in Osaka as ‘Tsuruya’. The company logo depicts three basic skiing techniques – traverse, schuss und sideslip.

GoSee : descente.co.jpfabjanski.com
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‘Don’t wait to grow up’ – PAWEL FABJANSKI photographs the PUMA MAYZE COLLECTION campaign with singer and brand ambassador Sara James for the agency high&

PAWEL FABJANSKI photographed the PUMA MAYZE campaign featuring the well-known, and very young, Polish singer Sara James, who is also brand ambassador. The slogan ‘Don’t wait to grow up’ is meant to encourage people to live their dreams today and not always put everything off.

Also created as part of the large-scale campaign was a spot in which Sara appears in two alternative worlds where she fulfills her dreams. For the campaign shoot, Unreal Engine technology was used which made it possible to blend the two worlds – real and virtual – with one another.

The innovative power of the video lies in the juxtaposition of the two worlds – the real world which Sara lives in, and the virtual world, where the virtual hero is Sara. Thanks to the process in which state-of-the-art technology is combined with classic cinematographic craft, the viewer witnesses the worlds intertwined.

The singer known throughout Poland and the world-famous virtual astronaut coexist in two realities. What they have in common are the goals they pursue – and making their dreams come true in the here and now.

‘Don’t wait to grow up.’ – is the slogan of the campaign and, at the same time, Sara’s answer when asked about the best advise she has ever been given in her life. PUMA takes the young singer as an example to remind us that age doesn’t matter when it comes to achieving our goals – encouraging us not to put it off until later. Just like the fourteen year old, who made it into the finale of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and is recording her first solo album at this very moment.

“PUMA Mayze shoes are made for people who aren’t afraid to leave the rules behind them. Our ambassador Sara James is an aficionada of streetwear trends who loves this model for its bold expressiveness and its character. Comfort and style paired with a plateau sole. The Mayze model enables you to combine it with the silhouette of your choice – whether sporty or elegant.” Katarzyna Węsławowicz, Area Head of Marketing EE PUMA.

We present you the campaign photos shot by Pawel Fabjanski as well as the campaign spot – conceived and realized by the agency high&.

GoSee : fabjanski.com

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