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About Falca

Falca is a full service international production company for photo and film productions.
We are based in Barcelona (Spain) and we produce in Spain mainland and worldwide.
We provide Budgeting, Location Research, Scouting, Casting, Hiring, Travel, Logistics and all your production demands.
Our highly professional crew speaks fluently english, french & spanish. 

Falca means Wedge, a piece of wood, metal, etc., with one pointed end and one thicker end that is used to split something, to fit into a space, to separate two things stuck together, etc. Our name is what we do. As a production service company we want our clients, producers, directors and photographers to feel we are right where they need us to be.
We support you, we hold things down for you to keep doors open, we balance things on rought surfaces, we can be invisible, we are reliable and flexible, we are sharp and we step into tight situations when we have to and we are made of steel from the Rhine and Mediterranean wood.
All projects are treated artfully and with care, the same way we like to be treated.
Come and find out. Write us and you’ll see.
We are Falca.


Clients of Falca