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featured by Making of : ‘Design needs a setting.’ - Oliver Gast photographs the spread for DESIGN DELUXE magazine with set styling by Stefanie HINTERAUER c/o MAKING OF

“Whether fashion, design or accessories – in the lush, meticulously detailed garden architecture and the concept store of Kramer und Kramer, everything just looks a little bit better.” DESIGN DELUXE magazine tells us about the garden architecture specialists from Zöfing, Austria. The spread photographed by Oliver Gast c/o Kristina Korb relied on set styling by Stefanie HINTERAUER c/o MAKING OF. Hair & make-up: Christopher Koller, styling: Alex Pisecker.

The company Kramer und Kramer has been in business for more than 70 years. With a team of garden architects, it plans and realizes gardens and terraces, offers individual solutions for significant details such as (natural) pools, outdoor kitchens, sun protection, lighting and furniture and is dedicated in its tree nursery, with the addition of uniqueTrees®, to cultivating and caring for beautiful plants. At its concept store in Zöfing, Kramer und Kramer offers select flowers alongside a wide variety of garden and living accessories.

Premium magazine Design Deluxe has three publications each year, and the coffee table book is the supplement to a renowned quality newspaper which is sent to its target audience, an exquisite design community : “With the magazine, we make a clear statement for inspiration, innovation and presentation. We create a worthy setting you can hold in your hands for design, luxury, architecture, lifestyle, real estate and mobility.” GoSee :
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featured by Peter Schreiber Photodesign : PETER SCHREIBER : Steve McQueen reloaded in FACES MAGAZINE – photographed with virtual LED backgrounds in the Hyperbowl studio in Munich

Peter Schreiber took a trip to San Francisco and Palm Springs in the Hyperbowl studio in Munich under the strictest corona restrictions. Serving as the inspiration for it was the film ‘The Getaway’ with Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw. The motto in the movie: “We rob whole banks together, escape on motorcycles, and drive to places where the sun never sets. Because together, we’re simply invincible.” And since there could never be an adequate double for Steve McQueen, he reinterpreted the entire story with the wonderful Elli Hofstätter as Steve McQueen and Bruni de Colpa as Ali MacGraw.
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featured by Sacha Tassilo Höchstetter : ‘Quarantined’ - fashion editorial with Louisa Model Elena DEGER by SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER for L’OFFICIEL BRAZIL

SACHA TASSILO HÖCHSTETTER photographed a home story with Elena DEGER c/o LOUISA MODELS in Munich themed upon ‘Quarantine’... The perfect styling & set design came from Trang Cao c/o FAME AGENCY. Hair & make-up were taken care of by Melanie Sharmin FILBERT c/o FAME AGENCY.
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