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news featured by KRISTINA KORB GMBH WO/MEN JEWELRY ’23 by Ariane Ernst - photos by Christoph KLUTSCH c/o KRISTINA KORB

“The definition of gender is experiencing a transition. Which is why we don’t differentiate between genders in the online shop and would like to make jewelry easily accessible to everyone. In retrospect, women have long adapted elements of men’s fashion, but the other way around is still a niche phenomenon. We would like to encourage men even more to express themselves more widely through jewelry, who have had a minimalistic take on their look up until now. The boundaries between feminine and masculine are blurred, and we want to inspire you in this story with cool and cold looks.” Ariane Ernst, Designer.

gender in transition’ – the creations presented here were photographed by Christoph KLUTSCH c/o KRISTINA KORB at the beginning of ‘23.

Ariane Ernst is a German jewelry designer. In a two-year training course, she earned the trade of Goldsmith at the Vienna Gold- and Silversmith Academy. After that, Ariane studied Applied Art & Design at FH Düsseldorf (today HSD) for a bachelor’s...

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