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featured by ICONIC : UPCYCLED BY MIU MIU 2021 with LEVI ACHTHOVEN c/o ICONIC – unique vintage dresses revamped by the Miu Miu design studio

LEVI ACHTHOVEN c/o ICONIC can be seen in the UPCYCLED BY MIU MIU 2021. The exclusive special collection is made up of vintage clothing, the materials of which in part date back to the 1930s. “Each piece is entirely unique, and all are completed by hand. Re-imagined through the Miu Miu lens, the lives of garments worn and loved in the past are extended, renewed and sustained, enriching the lives of the women who will wear them by return,” says MIU MIU in the press release.

LEVI ACHTHOVEN was photographed by Marili Andre, with styling taken care of by Helena Tejedor, hairstyling by Aurore Gibrien and make-up by Karim Belghiran. Creative responsibility was in the hands of CDs Charles Levai and Kevin Tekinel from Maybe Paris.

Miu Miu’s Upcycled Collection is available exclusively in boutiques worldwide: Milan, London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and St. Moritz.
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featured by Alyssa Pizer Management : Oh la la for jumpsuit lovers ! Mathilde BRESSON c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT photographs for OVERLOVER, fashion Los Angeles with that certain French touch

OVERLOVER is an L.A.-based brand with a dash of Parisian flair. OVERLOVER highlights the French casual chic with a focus on the jumpsuit for multiple reasons. Besides its functionality, convenience, and immediate statement, it embodies a once masculine worker’s outfit having become a gender neutral item; flattering to all sizes and ages, meant to simplify one’s life, while being effortlessly stylish. “We added a few easy-to-wear staples in line with the spirit of the brand to perfectly accent any wardrobe. We create an ideal blend of Paris and California – and, of course, all of our pieces are made right here in L.A.”

Mathilde BRESSON c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT photographed for OVERLOVER, fashion from Los Angeles with that certain French touch. GoSee : overlover.com
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featured by basics berlin : BASICS BERLIN : High glam meets mega drama! Berlin drag queen Chloe Waldorf presents her Thierry Mugler vintage looks ‘The Label Archive’ in Deutsch VOGUE

The quarantine has shown us all that it does one good to bring up beautiful memories. Whether it’s old Hitchcook movies or dusty photo albums, some people need to travel back in time to the 80s-90s. At least fashionably, like Berlin drag queen Chloe Waldorf. Deutsch VOGUE, together with hair & make-up artist Andreas BERNHARDT c/o BASICS.BERLIN and photographer Karlo Hecimovic, captured exactly this vibe. What part Thierry Mugler has contributed to it, you can read online in the interview by Hella Schneider.

Vogue: “For years, Berlin drag queen Chloe Waldorf has been collecting vintage designs from Thierry Mugler – and has not only developed her aesthetic with them but has also established an impressive archive. For VOGUE, she staged herself in several looks by Thierry Mugler from the 1980s and 90s.”

“His work and vision have been so formative for me that a large part of my drag appearance is a kind of love letter to him.” the celebrated Berlin Drag Artista/ Visual Artist, Chloe Waldorf, tells us in an interview.

And Vogue adds : “In her looks, she replicates the exaggerated elegance, the darkness, the drama, the momentousness, the glamour, the dangerous expressiveness – in other words: All of the hallmarks of Thierry Mugler, as if she had just appeared in one of his shows. For Chloe Waldorf, they are in fact “Dreams like from another world” – and who doesn’t like to escape reality once in a while?” Read the complete interview online. The motifs were photographed by Karlo Hecimovic. GoSee : vogue.de/mode//chloe-waldorf-drag-queen-archiv-thierry-mugler
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