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news featured by JSR Agency Stutter – the animated film by Pedro Allevato, aka SUGAR BLOOD c/o JSR AGENCY, for you on GoSee.NEWS

Stutter is an animated, dreamlike journey which captures the emotions and turmoil of a young boy struggling to communicate. The film by Pedro Allevato, aka SUGAR BLOOD c/o JSR AGENCY, shows us in its sensitive approach how this manifests in his life. Pedro Allevato is a multiple award-winning director and motion artist based in London. We are delighted to present you his beautiful film here on GoSee.

JSR AGENCY : “He has a wealth of experience in working with 2D and flat 3D animation, graphic design, and visual storytelling with studios across Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vancouver and London. He has worked with a wide range of companies and projects, from advertising to the music industry, films, fashion or sports. Over the past ten years, he has continuously developed his skills to become a specialist in the areas of design direction, character animation and CGI film production.”

Already among Sugar Blood’s clients are brands and big names such as Adidas, Gorillaz, Google, Apple,...

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