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Fixip’s Perfect Blend : mastering CGI & retouch for breathtaking Cadillac Evergreen XT4 visuals – courtesy of Fixip & MP Curtet for Leo Burnett

Here on GoSee, FIXIP presents visuals crafted for the Cadillac Evergreen XT4. Despite adverse weather conditions, FIXIP transformed rainy, overcast scenes into vibrant, sunlit visuals. Creating entire atmospheres from scratch, the team added blue skies and bright hues to match the visual identity of Cadillac. Technically demanding, the project involved altering the environment significantly as well as integrating CGI cars – demonstrating the retouch skills of FIXIP. The result: visuals that pack a punch while aligning perfectly with Cadillac’s visual identity – to underscore the vibrant elegance of the Cadillac Evergreen XT4.

“This project, realized by Fixip Studio in collaboration with photographer and director team MP Curtet, was particularly interesting because it gave us the chance to work on the distinctive look & feel of the Cadillac brand. At the time, that meant very warm, vibrant, and colorful hues, which allowed us to create a unique and dynamic aesthetic.

However, the project presented certain challenges due to the weather conditions. It was often cloudy and gray, with a little rain in certain shots. Diffuse light and the color of the car posed further challenges as red can be tricky – particularly without direct sunlight.

We had to replace almost all skies and, in several images, also the car with CGI renders. Which enabled us to keep the car body a natural and vibrant red, even though the conditions for shooting were less than ideal. CGI is not only used to introduce new car models but also to replace the same car with better lighting in order to make the most of the image and compensate for climatic uncertainties.

Retouch work and CGI enabled us to master the challenges and produce visuals that are extremely impactful when it comes to color and dynamic energy. The client is extremely satisfied with the end result, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished for this project.”

See the complete project on www.fixip.today/portfolio-item/cadillac-evergreen-xt4/

Post : Fixip - www.fixip.today
Photos : MP Curtet - www.mpcurtet.com
Client : Cadillac / Sarah McRae
Agency : Leo Burnett
Creatives Team / Art Producer : Lu Quoc / Steve Kerry / Barbara Vaught
Producer : Mj68 / Michael Horta / Adam Caleb Braid
1st AD : Mel Ruth
Assistant : Jim Inglis / Kip Corley / Tim Curtet
Styling : Sister Styling
HMU : Lucy Crawford

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CX-70 Unveiled: A Seamless Symphony of Innovation’ - FIXIP, Los Angeles, presents you the new MAZDA campaign, photographed by MP CURTET

FIXIP Creative Post-Production Studio tells us : “Collaborating with MP Curtet and Mazda USA’s creative team, we successfully launched the CX-70, ensuring a seamless process from production to delivery. Our careful and natural approach resulted in an impactful campaign that surpassed client expectations.

Partnering with renowned photographers MP Curtet added excellence to the campaign. Their creativity harmonized perfectly with the Mazda design philosophy, crafting visually stunning imagery that captured the essence of the CX-70.

Throughout the project, our teams worked in unison, fusing creativity with technical expertise. Being part of it from the shoot through post-production enabled us to address challenges promptly, ensuring results that exceeded expectations.

The CX-70 demanded a campaign showcasing its features and design. Our collaborative efforts highlighted its technical prowess and aesthetic appeal across various platforms, from social media teasers to traditional print materials.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Mazda, MP Curtet, and our teams sets a benchmark for future automotive campaigns. The CX-70 launch not only introduced an exceptional vehicle but also marked the beginning of an exhilarating chapter for Mazda.”

Fixip is a team of highly talented specialists in the areas of retouching, editing, colorgrading, and creating digital assets using CGI. The team is based in the USA and Europe, and is highly versatile, depending on the project.

 With fifteen years of experience, Fixip is known for its fast turnaround, responsiveness to client requests, and use of the latest technologies, such as real-time rendering in Unreal Engine. 

The company has worked with clients such as Cadillac, Genesis, Hyundai, Mazda or Toyota with vast experience in creating digital assets for advertising campaigns, magazine covers, catalogs or social media. Fixip’s goal is to deliver digital assets with a soul while realizing the creative vision of their clients – and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

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featured by MP CURTET : ‘Great to Drive Isn’t Enough’ – we present you the MAZDA CX-90 campaign by MP CURTET in stills & motion

The all-new MAZDA CX-90, staged in stills and motion for the latest campaign by LA-based French creative duo MP Curtet, is as luxurious as it is powerful. Its sleek design, elegance and unparalleled driving dynamics speak for themselves – and are precisely why it’s a cut above the rest.

Creative duo MP CURTET bring their own elegant signature to the visuals – to perfectly underscore the image of the vehicle. Cooperating closely with the Mazda brand now for six years, the two creatives continue to push the envelope – and support the brand on a mission to advance its evolution.

With remarkable performance metrics, the MAZDA CX-90 features sharp road handling and turbocharged acceleration. On city streets or the highway, buckle up for an exhilarating ride par excellence while enjoying the luxury and comfort of first-in-class tech paired with finest quality materials in the interior.

“Thank you all at Mazda North American Operations - Chris Hill - Cora Tan (MBA) - Mario Gallardo - Yasutake Tsuchida - Mia Natsume - Jacques Flynn - Kaoru Seo - Erik Chrisman - Jennifer Muranaka - Jessica Mirolla - Brianne Yax - Elizabeth Carr-Ernst - Marlyne Curtet - Michael Horta - Giolliosa Fuller - Tim Curtet - Vic Huber - FIXIP - Mika Laujin …” Patrick Curtet, Director & Photographer c/o MP CURTET.

@mpcurtet are represented by Kathryn Tyrrel O’Connor c/o B&A REPS in the US and by Christian Severin c/o Severin Wendeler Creative Production GmbH in Europe as well as by Jade OCCHIPINTI c/o BEAM Photography in France.
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