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news | 24.11.2023

‘PARADISE, PERFORMANCE, REPLICA. SLOVENIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC ART’ – three contemporary artists from Slovenia on display at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (through 07 January, 24)

With multiple exhibitions each year, the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) presents the entire breadth and depth of the versatile medium and the broad spectrum of artistic positions. Celebrating Slovenia’s appearance as guest of honor of the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair, the exhibition PARADISE, PERFORMANCE, REPLICA. SLOVENIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC ART is on display from 07 Oct – 07 Jan, 2024).

The playful use of repetition, staged roles, how we view our surroundings: As examples of contemporary photography from Slovenia, the FFF is showcasing three artists who are testing the limits of photography through experimentation.

In her series ‘Birds of Paradise’, Vanja Bućan (*1973, Nova Gorica) challenges traditional roles of women, historically depicted as housekeepers, with staged surrealistic compositions. Motherhood, cutting food, spilled milk, a life revolving around the stove and table, exhaustion, mending things… beauty and decoration are the hallmarks of daily domestic chores depicted in her work.

Vanja : “Birds of Paradise addresses the role of women as domestic workers and, in particular, the invisibility and devalued routine of housework. Women are historically depicted as housekeepers, a position which has not changed throughout history and which has been a pillar of patriarchal norms and home economics to this day. Confinement of women to the kitchen, as their so-called place, to doing unpaid work is an outgrowth of economic domination – the most powerful tool of a patriarchal society.”

In his installations, Jošt Dolinšek (*1997, Ljubljana) examines the visual perception of the environment and its effects, particularly landscapes and nature. In his work, the young artist is less concerned with environmental crises and their causes than, much more fundamentally, with the existential and individual relationship to time and space. Dolinšek experiments with various media, materials and shapes, combining photography with moving images, sound and sculpture.

Since the 1980s, Bojan Radovič (*1960, Novo mesto) has explored the phenomenon of repetition, the copy and reproduction, as well as the fascinating diversity of meaning and variation found in such ‘replica’. Alongside his artistic work, Radovič is a key figure of the Slovenian photography industry, as an exhibition curator, publisher and founder of the photography institutions Fotogalerie Novo mesto and House of Photography.

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Braubachstr. 30–32, 60311 Frankfurt 


news | 22.11.2023

BOSCHTOBANRAP invites clients, photographers and friends to their BTOB season pop-up office in Cape Town from January to March, 2024

BOSCHTOBANRAP loves connecting creative people all over the world. Which is why we have decided not only to harness the energy of inspiring places for our artists and clients but also to create a meeting place for them. We launched our first pop-up office in Cape Town during the 22/23 season, and we were quite impressed with the results as well as the opportunities which arose from it. We are now delighted to announce our second BTOB season pop-up office in Cape Town, from January through March, 2024.

We’ll be there together with our artists: Chroma, David Haase, David Maurer, Ender Suenni, Jelena Filipinski, Kolja Eckert, Krosny, Manju Munoz, Marcel Haupt, Marco Klahold, Meike Kenn, Mike Kipper, Norman Keutgen, Per Appelgren, Robin Kater, Sallyhateswing, and Stephie Braun.


news | 21.11.2023

EFEK JEWELRY presents the new collection by Designer and Stylist Özge EFEK c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger

Behind the extraordinary and extremely eye-catching designer pieces from EFEK JEWELRY is stylist and designer Özge EFEK, who is represented by LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger. Each piece of Efek jewelry has its very own story to tell. The jewelry bears a magic within which is passed on to those who wear it, giving them an equally enchanting appearance. The latest collection of EFEK JEWELRY was staged by photographer Marco Gazza while designer Özge EFEK was in charge styling of the pieces.

EFEK JEWELRY is a genderless jewelry brand created by Özge Efek, a Fashion Stylist & Art Director based in Milan, Italy. EFEK aims to push the boundaries of creativity and design, with a maximalist approach to jewelry by giving ancient Anatolian and Mesopotamian jewelry culture a contemporary twist.

GoSee les-artists.comefekstudio.com