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news | 28.11.2023

MAX VON TREU photographs star influencer Nic Kaufmann at Hamburg’s Montblanc Haus for Mr ICON

The editorial by the name of ‘The Talented Nic Kaufmann’ was photographed and filmed by MAX VON TREU at the Montblanc House in Hamburg for the cover spread in MR ICON. What talents are we talking about precisely? Young Nic Kaufmann is a fashion and lifestyle influencer with more than 20 million followers alone on TikTok. He is known for his fashion videos and individual looks.

Nic’s mother is from India, his father is German, and he grew up in Singapore before moving to Munich, Germany, where he initially intended to study Business IT. Today, sunny boy Nic lives in Berlin – and posts articles on his day-to-day life and his fashion.

“As a child, Nic Kaufmann read everything he could get his hands on. Montblanc supports foundations that teach children to read and write. Both are popular and quite successful international brands. So, naturally, they were both invited to do a shoot at the headquarters of the luxury goods manufacturer in Hamburg.” MR ICON.

MONTBLANC HAUS tells the story of Montblanc from back when it was founded to the present day: “The story of the women and men who craft the Montblanc writing instruments; of those who have used them to leave their mark on the world. It’s a place that teaches people of all ages the art of writing; that honors the past and celebrates progress; a place about much more than Montblanc: 3,600 square meters, dedicated to all the great stories yet to be written.”

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Photographer: Max von Treu @Kathrin Hohberg
Talent: Nic Kaufmann
Styling: Leonie Celler
Grooming: Spiri
Digital Support + Post: Blink Imaging


news | 22.11.2023

‘9’ - the new studio album by singer PATRICE with cover artwork by Marco KLAHOLD c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP

For the release of the ninth studio album of the artist, Marco KLAHOLD c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed German reggae singer & songwriter Patrice in an atmospheric portrait series. The images reflect the artist’s personality and establish an intimate connection between music and visual aesthetics.

Patrice: “I was born on the 9th. On the day my grandfather died. My father, who was between grief and joy, named me Babatunde, the return of the father. Rebirth has been a recurring theme throughout my life, starting on my first day. For this ninth studio album of mine, I decided to take some time out. Deconstruct myself, clean all the parts and reassemble them with a new heart. It’s been seven years of discovery! My findings are what have created this album. Have you had a chance to listen to ‘9’ yet ? Would love to start a conversation.”

The artist is touring France and Germany at the moment.

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news | 22.11.2023

BOSCHTOBANRAP invites clients, photographers and friends to their BTOB season pop-up office in Cape Town from January to March, 2024

BOSCHTOBANRAP loves connecting creative people all over the world. Which is why we have decided not only to harness the energy of inspiring places for our artists and clients but also to create a meeting place for them. We launched our first pop-up office in Cape Town during the 22/23 season, and we were quite impressed with the results as well as the opportunities which arose from it. We are now delighted to announce our second BTOB season pop-up office in Cape Town, from January through March, 2024.

We’ll be there together with our artists: Chroma, David Haase, David Maurer, Ender Suenni, Jelena Filipinski, Kolja Eckert, Krosny, Manju Munoz, Marcel Haupt, Marco Klahold, Meike Kenn, Mike Kipper, Norman Keutgen, Per Appelgren, Robin Kater, Sallyhateswing, and Stephie Braun.