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news | 12.04.2021

NEW at GoSee : FILME VON DRAUSSEN, photography and film production from Zurich – the specialists for outdoor and sports present you their latest reel

Stories told in photos and film – all from a single source. New at GoSee is Filme von Draussen : The core team of the Swiss film production company is made up of three specialists who have the right solution in store for you when it comes to everything and anything to do with outdoors, sports and lifestyle in the open air. Particular comfort zone of the crew is in topics such as mountain biking, climbing, skiing, hiking or running, and they also know their way around places other photographers and filmmakers don’t even know how to get to – on deep powder slopes, remote trails and even vertical cliffs.

Among the clients of Filme von Draussen are outdoor and sports brands, touristic destinations and all brands which consciously choose an active and adventurous target group.

All three, including founder Tom Malecha, are at home in Zurich, Switzerland : “Contrary to what our name suggests, our crew not only makes films but also emotional photos, in which the entire lifestyle is perfectly and congruently captured besides the action. After around fifteen years of working for different creative agencies in Hamburg and Zurich, office air became a bit to thin for Tom Malecha at some point, and he founded Filme von Draussen. Today, he’s responsible for creative direction, photography, camera, and post production. At his side, you’ll find producer Christof Pluemacher as well as DOP Stefan Dux.

Here on GoSee.NEWS, Filme von Draussen presents an introduction with a short reel of moving images to grant a first glimpse at its work.


news | 12.04.2021

Toni Garrn: ‘Finally Pregnant’ – the top model on how long she has been waiting for this moment... Tereza MUNDILOVA c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT films the supermodel exclusively for DEUTSCH VOGUE

Tereza MUNDILOVA c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT filmed supermodel and soon-to-be mom Toni Garrn for Deutsch VOGUE. The production company was Goodhouse Films with Executive Producer Julian Brinkmann, Senior Creative Producer Gwen Teichmann and Producer Jennifer Bachert. 

The interview for the magazine was conducted by Maria Hunstig, born in 1988 and with Vogue since 2018. We quote : “VOGUE has accompanied Toni Garrn already for more than a decade – both professionally and privately. It was only last year that we presented the German top model, freshly engaged to the man who is meanwhile her husband, on the cover of our June issue “All About Love”. And, of course, we were also there for the next chapter in the lives of Mrs. and Mr. Garrn/Pettyfer : The couple is expecting a baby. At the end of February, we met up with Toni Garrn in Berlin to capture the first photos of her pregnancy in an exclusive video and talk to her about how her life has already taken a 180 degree turn.” Read the whole interview online. GoSee : vogue.de///toni-garrn-schwanger-exklusiv

DoP Anne Gryczka
1AC / Gaffer Christoph Schaller
Photo Assistant / DA: Jean Paul Guzman
Make-Up Artist: Loni Baur
Hair Stylist: Patrick Gorra
Styling: Lorena Maza
Styling Assistant: Anna Giulia


news | 06.04.2021

Will Earth wait for us? TIDES, the new sci-fi flick by Tim Fehlbaum with post, creation & composing for the film poster by BLINK IMAGING

Following a global catastrophe, one of the few survivors makes her way to Earth. Earth is completely under water. The tides don’t let the survivors catch their breath anywhere while they search for food during the short phases when tide is low. The female astronaut has to face a momentous decision for the future of humanity after successfully returning to the planet… TIDES is a science-fiction thriller by Director Tim Fehlbaum which will celebrate its premier in June 2021 at the Berlin International Film Festival. The thriller was filmed in Hamburg’s mudflat surrounding Neuwerk island.

For Tides, the Swiss director and cameraman, born in 1982, worked with an international cast alongside Roland Emmerich as Executive Producer. The dystopian and extremely past-paced thriller with visionary scenography examines the effects of the exploitation of nature and warns about its devastating consequences for humankind.

The plot : When Earth becomes uninhabitable, its ruling elite settles on planet Kepler 209, but the atmosphere makes inhabitants infertile. Two generations later, a program is launched to determine whether life on Earth is possible again : Mission Ulysses II is launched to bring certainty. The space capsule gets out of control when it enters Earth’s atmosphere. Female astronaut Blake (NORA ARNEZEDER) is the only person to survive the landing – but she soon realizes that she’s not alone on the planet. What follows is a fight for survival, and Blake has to make choices which determine the fate of the entire human race.

Tim Fehlbaum, born 1982 in Basel, studied Directing at the University of Television and Film in Munich from 2002 to 2009. During his studies, he made several short films, including ‘For Julian’ in 2004, which won the main prize at the Shocking Shorts Awards. In 2011, he shot his debut feature film ‘Hell’, for which he also wrote the screenplay. The
apocalyptic film with Hannah Herzsprung and Lars Eidinger in lead roles was acclaimed by numerous critics, it won in the category Best Director at the Young German Cinema Awards and was nominated at the German Film Awards in six categories. The film also entered the competition at the Locarno International Film Festival and took home the New Faces Award in 2012.

The 71st Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale, is planned for 2021 with two event blocks on different dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From March 1 through 5, an event for the film industry took place on a digital platform. It will be followed from 9 through 20 June by a festival for the general public with a Berlinale Summer Special, at which films will be shown in a familiar festival surrounding. The 71
st edition will be held for the second time under the direction of Carlo Chatrian (Artistic Director) and Mariette Rissenbeek (Executive Director). The program was announced between 8 and 11 February, 2021. GoSee : berlinale.de