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news | 17.05.2023

NEW at GoSee : yesweprompt.de – the first representation for AI artists is online. The credo of founder Claudia Bußjäger : ‘Artificial intelligence is nothing without intelligent artists’

Since 8 May, 2023, Germany has its first representation for AI artists. What might still sound a bit surprising for some, is for agency founder Claudia Bußjäger a logical step into the future. Because she is absolutely convinced that AI technology will make a contribution to the creative industry that is as great as it is relevant.

Claudia Bußjäger has been following this development from the very beginning and has already announced four AI artists who are committed to prompting in the first few days. And she promises : There’s a lot more coming.

At the moment, she is starting off with Mieke Haase, today’s perhaps most well-known top creative prompter, Elmo Mistiaen (“a talented artist and jewelry designer from Brussels,” as Claudia puts it), Grit Wolany (“A magnificent creative from Zurich”), and Thorsten Rother (“likely the most famous photographer committed to AI of our time”).

Alongside her new job as AI representative, Claudia is known as a connector and creative producer as well as an experienced art buyer who can handle budgets of any size. As you can see, the best ingredients to integrate AI smoothly into campaigns big or small.

We’re excited to see what more artistic artificial intelligence has in store for us and promise you this : We’ll keep you posted. 

GoSee : yesweprompt.de


news | 16.05.2023

Schiller’s album EPIC - A trip into the epic world of inner cinema with cover artwork by Dirk RUDOLPH c/o UPFRONT

What does it sound like when electronic soundscapes meet orchestral arrangements? German pop and ambient artist Schiller and the orchestra of the famous Synchron Stage Vienna let two musical worlds melt into one. Hear the result on EPIC, Schiller’s album for which Dirk RUDOLPH c/o UPFRONT designed the artwork.

GoSee upfront.de


news | 15.05.2023

‘Destination Outerspace’ - the new book by Ulrich Walter with illustrations by Frederik JURK c/o SEPIA on the topic of the minute: Space Tourism

Space selfie, pizza delivery, board games … The new book ‘Destination Outerspace’ by Ulrich Walter was published at the beginning of May with illustrations by Frederik Jurk. In the book, Frederik Jurk sheds light on everything to do with the topic of space tourism – of course, tongue ever so slightly and that more charmingly in cheek.

Frederik Jurk illustrates for magazine and books. And also appearing very soon is his first illustrated card game with witty ideas for dads and kids. GoSee.News will report on it !

GoSee : sepia-illustration.de