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news | 27.10.2021

‘We Live Innovation.’ – Jan VAN ENDERT c/o NERGER M&O photographs the AUDI Employer Brand 2021 campaign

‘We Live Innovation.’ – Jan VAN ENDERT c/o NERGER M&O photographed the AUDI Employer Brand 2021 campaign for AUDI AG. The client was the agency OAKS GmbH with Imke Jurok in creation. 

“Our customers of the future are digital natives. And our cars are too.”

Audi : “We have set ourselves the goal of creating the overall conditions for a successful work-life balance. Which is why we are continuously expanding our range of employee benefits and creating attractive working environments. We enable our employees to enjoy flexibility in their working lives. At Audi, besides an attractive salary, we also offer a variety of additional benefits such as vacation pay or everyday support. We reward their commitment to our company.”

“What we are thinking today can move the world tomorrow.”

Who is AUDI? This is the answer Audi gives you online as a potential employee : “We are progress. With you. Progress is part of our DNA. It’s not just in our cars, but in us too – and in you. We make progress together. With inner drive. With the aspiration to become better and better. With the attitude that we can break the mold. With attitude, with courage, with confidence. Because progress comes from the head – and from the heart!”

Post production was in the hands of Andreas Doria, and on set for make-up & grooming was Fritzi Feldmann. Find out more about the campaign protagonists on the AUDI website – just follow the link.

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news | 26.10.2021

‘A Burst of White’ – ERHARDT SZAKACS photographs PLAN TEAM architect and Managing Director Michael Bieder and his Porsche collection for PORSCHE Klassik magazine

The story ‘A Burst of White’ shows the architect Michael Bieder and his impressive Porsche collection – all in white. Michael Bieder has a Graduates degree in engineering, he is a Master of Architecture and the Managing Director of architecture office PLAN TEAM with a total of 36 employees. He was photographed together with his Porsche collection by ERHARDT SZAKACS for PORSCHE Klassik magazine.

Michael Bieder’s Vision : “The building as a complex structure of various different requirements, a product resulting from the plans developed by different experts to optimize what is possible within a budget – at the same time is a mirror image of our not entirely conflict-free reality. To reconcile these conflicts at least ‘locally’ in a functioning building is the objective of all of our planning services.” Plan Team provides complete planning services no matter the project scope or size, but also partial planning services for architects, as well as the coordination of all project partners.

A fascination for Porsche has played a great role for Michael Bieder ever since childhood. Just like architecture – he knew that he wanted to become an architect at an early age. Freedom for him is Route 66, which he already drove down with a Harley as a young man – and today, his Porsche collection with which he regularly goes on tours.

GoSee : plan-team.euerhardtszakacs.com