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Personal work by Dominik BAUR c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS featuring the ADIDAS ORIGINALS BY WALES BONNER collection

The personal spread presented here showcases pieces from the ADIDAS ORIGINALS BY WALES BONNER collection – photographed by Dominik  BAUR c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS.

With the collection, adidas Originals and Wales Bonner launched clothing and accessories inspired by West-African music and photography from the 1970s and 80s. And that quite successfully : the collection was sold out in no time.

In 2015, the meanwhile 32-year-old Grace Wales Bonner already won the British Fashion Award as Emerging Menswear Designer, followed in 2016 by the LVMH Young Designer Prize worth € 300,000 – the largest and most prestigious award in the fashion industry. 

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GoSee Book Tip : 'THE FLOW' surfbook by photographer Dominik Baur

The Flow : When the waves are carrying you, and you forget everything else around you. Precisely the feeling the two Swiss authors Dominik Baur and Biliana Roth were looking for on their road trip along the Atlantic coast. The photographer and the designer interviewed and photographed surfers from around the world to put together a photo book with inspiring portraits. ‘The Flow’ is available in all larger book stores.

“There is nothing that matters to me except being on the water, then I forget everything else around me,” surfer Federico tells us. Like for many others, surfing is a meditative experience for him. “Surfing helps me in difficult times,” or “surfing has heightened my awareness for the environment,” as different as the stories of surfers may be, they all have one thing in common : The desire and longing for the ocean, the water and waves – in search of adrenalin and freedom.

Dominik Baur and Biliana Roth took an inspiring and emotional road trip so that they could capture the very nature of the flow – and the feeling it gives various surfers. The book ‘The Flow’ is written in English and appeared at Bentelli Publishing. It’s available at well-stocked bookstores.

Last but not least and on a personal note : Dominik prefers surfing on water rather than online. The Swiss photographer and director Dominik Baur is now represented by ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS.

THE FLOW – AUTHORS Dominik Baur, Biliana Roth – PUBLISHING HOUSE Benteli – SIZE 24 x 28 cm –  LANGUAGE English – BINDING hardcover – PAGES 224 – WEIGHT 1322 g – ISBN 978-3-7165-1860-1

GoSee : benteli.ch///the-flow & fotografenagentur.de
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