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NEW: Toni Garrn, Michael Michalsky & Roberto Blanco portrayed by Frank Lübke for the German „Stern“ Magazine.
Frank Lübke portrayed the top model Toni Garrn, fashion designer Roberto Blanco and the showbusiness icon Roberto Blanco for the German „Stern“ magazine column "My beloved me“.
In the portrait series, Toni Garrn shows, that she is not an unapproachable model, that takes too seriously, Mr. Michalsky wanted to put himself on the lap and Roberto Blanco met his fighting ego. After the shooting, the celebrities did a selfie with "Little Frank" - the "Mini-Me" of photographer Frank Lübke.
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IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / Toni Garrn
IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / Roberto Blanco
IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / FRANK LüBKE
IMAGE // Toni Garrn met Little Frank
IMAGE // Little Frank meets Roberto Blanco
IMAGE // Little Frank meets Michael Michalsky

beloved me
Since January 2017 the photo columne "Beloved Me" appears in the STERN magazine. (Photos: Frank Lübke - interviews: Alexandros Stefanidis). The column is based on the "Me, Myself and I" photo project, on which Frank Lübke has been working since 2010. Over 50 personalities have been portrayed for the project so far. In the pictures people meet their other ego.
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IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / Stern Magazin Kolumne
IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / Rufus Beck
IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / Sophia Thomalla
IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / Justus von Dohnanyi
IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / Helmut Berger
IMAGE // Mein geliebtes Ich / Lars Eidinger