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DORNSCHILD men’s vests seen by FRANK LÜBKE Photography, the new Fall/Winter ‘21 collection now in stores

The new campaign for DORNSCHILD men’s vests is all about the slogan ‘RAW’. Which is why FRANK LÜBKE’s photos were created in the boiler house of a shut down factory : “One of the very special shoot locations you look forward to as a photographer because a new motif can be created in really every inch of the place.” Dornschild seen by Frank Lübke Photography.

The Munich-based design manufacturer DORNSCHILD, founded in 2013 by Jörn Boysen and Michael Ostermayer, created a genre that shows the theme of vests in a new light for the men’s fashion world that is modern and yet timeless. Hardly any other garment can be used and combined in so many ways and creates an attractive look in no time at all.

And DORNSCHILD is uncompromising : Because a vest back made of lining is taboo, buckles for adjusting the size have been set almost entirely on the sides and concealed. What’s more, the shoulders are wider, and the silhouettes have a narrower cut, giving them a particularly masculine appearance. That’s why at DORNSCHILD, vests are referred to as sleeveless jackets. GoSee : dornschild.comfrank-luebke-photography.com
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‘Creativity is Free’ – photographer FRANK LÜBKE makes the most of the Corona crisis as a source of creative freedom and presents you his ongoing personal portrait spread on GoSee

True to his motto: “Normal is the new boring,” Frank Lübke, people & fashion photographer from Munich/Berlin, works on personal photo projects time and again, without clients, without a commission and without a brief, as a means if free expression. “We’re at great risk of becoming technicians instead of artists if all we do is chalk off one commission after the other.”

As we all know, the Corona crisis severely restricts photographers, stylists and models in their work. It felt at times almost as if we had been banned from practicing our occupation. But we did also have a lot of creative freedom and the space to use it. The most famous photo series by the Munich-based photographer was published weekly and all year round in Stern magazine in 2018. The name of the column was ‘My Beloved Me’, and it was based on the ‘Me, Myself and I’ project by the photographer, in which the portrayed celebrities encountered themselves in the images. This work too was created at first without a client and without a brief.

It’s usually these personal works that push photography forward and lead to the creation of surprising images. Which is why the Corona crisis has also been a chance for creative cooperations. Since the beginning of 2021, Frank Lübke has been working once again on another celebrity portrait series, and we can hardly wait to see the results. Keep on moving. GoSee : frank-luebke-photography.com
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‘Concrete Looks, Straight Attitude’ - FRANK LÜBKE photographs campaign and lookbook for MUNIC Eyewear

Frame your personality – the new 2021/22 campaign for MUNIC Eyewear was realized by Munich-based advertising photographer Frank Lübke. Slogan of the new campaign: ‘CONCRETE LOOKS – STRAIGHT ATTITUDES’. The shoot took place in a stylish work space, which was awarded for its puristic and innovative design – making it just the right location for the new MUNIC collection.

Munic Eyewear is a German company headquartered in Munich. It was founded in 1991 by designer and CEO Marcus Riess and is managed today by the couple Ari and Marcus Riess. At munic, clear lines, harmonious colors and style are values which are just as definitive as sustainable design in the finest quality that will provide long-lasting joy. Handmade in Germany, Austria and Japan.

Why munic? Why choose the name of a city for an eyewear label? “Sometimes in life, you make decisions instinctively. As time goes by, you also come to realize that such decisions were rationally correct as well. The same goes for the name munic. Initially, we only wanted to express where we come from, to tell people where our home is. Today, we understand intuitively that we wanted to say so much more with this name. Munich and our munic brand actually have a lot in common. Munich is a confident, cosmopolitan and multicultural city. Anyone who lives in Munich knows how to enjoy life without losing sight of other important things. Munich is casual, authentic, stylishly laid-back and creative, but not desperately extravagant. Just like munic glasses.” GoSee : municeyewear.comfrank-luebke-photography.com

Photography: frank-luebke-photography.com
Client: MUNIC Eyewear / municeyewear.com
Model: Filiz
Model: Michael Lechzer
Make-up: Melanie Sharmin / Agency: Fame
Post production images: PX5
Film: by Antonia Rautenberg

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