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News // 17 News by FRANK LÜBKE

Creative, exotic & global – FRANK LÜBKE photographs the spread ‘SPECTRUM OF MOKKA SPECTRUM’ for MOB JOURNAL featuring model and DJ MOKKA SPECTRUM

“The best thing you can do in the Corona crisis is free, creative work. It clears your mind. Working with Mokka Spectrum has been a pleasure.” says photographer FRANK LÜBKE. “She is a professional fashion model, DJ, event manager and creative from Munich – with a broad range as the name suggests. Born in the US, she now lives in Germany where she unfolds her powerful personality with exciting and creative facets.” The spread was published in the MOB JOURNAL. Photos and creative direction: Frank Lübke with modeling, make-up & styling by Mokka Spectrum.

About – MOB JOURNAL was founded in July, 2016. We have been art curators for over ten years in various platforms around the world, which gave us an eye for beautiful and aesthetically appealing photographs. We are looking for new generation artists who have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for their artwork. We want to provide a platform and the opportunity for the new wave of artists who would like to see their work published and presented to the world through our tasteful and different journal. We truly believe that artists are not born, but are made. GoSee : thisismob.com
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FRANK LÜBKE : photographs AYMUSE women’s vests campaign & the F/W lookbook 2020 for designer Nadja Cosima Weletzky

Munich-based label AYMUSE by founder and PR expert Nadja Cosima Weletzky creates designer vests for women and has made a very individual fashion statement with its unusual models: Vests for the confident woman of today. FRANK LÜBKE, fashion photographer from Munich, staged the new vest models from the Fall/Winter 2020 collection – all available in the online shop of the label. GoSee : aymuse.com/shop

Hair/Make-up: Corina Friedrich
Model: Maria Imizcoz
Styling: Nadja Weletzky
Photography: Frank Lübke Photography

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“Shoot with a Bite” – FRANK LÜBKE presents you the FX TEETH shoot for ALPHABITE FX Teeth and the agency Yuper on GoSee

FRANK LÜBKE photographs for FX teeth brand ALPHABITE. The brief was to stage the around 50 different FX teeth models as dramatically as possible – some of which with catchy names such as ‘Beasty Hole’, ‘Creeping Evil’, ‘Hunter´s Claw’ or even ‘Witch Bitch’. The shoot was created for the agency Yuper in cooperation with make-up artist Birger Laube and Sabeth Kelwing Jimenez. The campaign motifs are appearing as posters, ads, social media and, of course, in the online shop.

We read about the idea of launching a business you can sink your teeth into on the alphabite website: “Susi, founder of alphabite, has always been passionate about dressing up everywhere she goes. As a dental laboratory master, she’s used to working for dentists and with professional dental plastics. When she met Esther, the two decided to create customized teeth for themselves. In 2019, the ‘Zahnspektakel’ project was founded, which is German for ‘Tooth Spectacle’. From that point on, Susi and Esther made creating FX teeth their profession. Getting to produce FX teeth every day is simply the greatest for both of them. They couldn’t think of anything better – except for expanding ‘Tooth Spectacle’ and making it even bigger and more international. Following through with these ideas and plans has paved the way for their new FX teeth brand alphabite.

Alphabite produces teeth that are manufactured by dental technicians according to the highest standards of craftsmanship with the highest quality materials. Each dental prosthesis is individually tailored to the customer’s dental impression. That makes them comfortable to wear for any length of time. They can also be easily removed and replaced.”

So you’re more than welcome to stop by and get individual pearly whites of your own – GoSee : alphabite.de
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