Additional Info

About Katja Sluyter

To me, being an art buyer means searching constantly for new creative talent.
All the time and everywhere.
In every city, on blogs, in magazines and at photography exhibitions.
My task is to connect these newly-discovered artists, as well as well-established and young talents, with the creatives within the agency.
It has been my favourite task for 18 years.

I put my heart into every project, search with dedication for the perfect photographer, illustrator or artist.
I also carry out the organisation tasks of an art buyer with great passion, such as negotiating costs and drafting and supervising schedules.
It’s a crazy mixture, but just the right one for me.

Good cooperation is also very important to me.
I believe that getting through difficult situations together charmingly, while remaining calm in cases of stress, are very important characteristics of an art buyer, which I have internalised over the years.

As a freelance art buyer I work on an hourly basis, part-time or full-time in advertising agencies, production companies, photo agencies, publishers, in post-production and with representatives.
I can be booked from Hamburg and Berlin, but am more than happy to travel to any other city.