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News // 9 News by Frithjof Ohm incl. Pretzsch

FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH : Luxurious, electric, fast – international artwork for the new AUDI E-TRON, produced in Cape Town for Philipp & Keuntje

With the Audi e-tron and the Audi e-tron Sportback, Audi has presented its fully electric vehicle. In numerous plug-in hybrid models, the advantages of a classic combustion motor are combined with an electric motor. Frithjof Ohm incl. Pretzsch realized the new models in Cape Town for Philipp & Keuntje with Art Director Cornelius Hafemeister.

“Electric, with an ‘S’. Dive into a new, fast but silent and luxurious electric driving experience with bold international communication artwork for the all-new S-versions of Audi’s e-tron and e-tron Sportback. The shoot took place on location in sunny Cape Town. The two ‘hero’ cars were created with CGI. Creative lead by Agency Philipp & Keuntje.”
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The new E Class Sedan, Estate and All Terrain – photographed and filmed by FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH on urban sets in Barcelona for Antoni Garage, Berlin

FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH presents the new launch campaign for the MERCEDES-BENZ E Class on GoSee. “We present the latest work with our images for the international launch of the new Mercedes-Benz E Class, created under the lead of Berlin-based agency Antoni Garage and shot in the Barcelona region. Post production, including CG imaging of the cars, was in the hands of RECOM Berlin under Frithjof’s supervision.”

Production was taken care of by Matthias Pretzsch together with GoSee member Image Nation, and in charge of art buying was Marjorie Jorrot with creative direction by Mathias Wilke and Christian Kies.
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FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH photographs and films the new AUDI e-tron Sportback with Chef de Cuisine Michael Schook in Rotterdamn for Philipp & Keuntje

The AUDI e-tron Sportback ticks all the boxes with numerous innovations, an extroverted look and electrifying performance. Key elements that creative Chef de Cuisine Michael Schook also puts on the menu in his new interpretations: Co-owner and Head Cook of the restaurant Héroine impresses his guests in Rotterdam – just like the Audi e-tron Sportback – with path-breaking trends and innovations. FRITHJOF OHM INCL. PRETZSCH produced stills and a film in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the south of Spain for Philipp & Keuntje. We have the result here. GoSee: restaurantheroine.nl
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