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‘From Heaven is Cali’ – Trailer by Photographer and Director Christaan FELBER c/o GIANT ARTISTS

Christaan FELBER c/o GIANT ARTISTS and his camera accompanied salsa dancers in Cali, the third-largest city in Columbia. Cali is considered the world capital of salsa. There are salsa clubs almost everywhere you look, and the city has the fastest salsa dancers in the world. The thrilling photos were already published in VICTORY JOURNAL (GoSee reported). He now presents us the trailer for the film documentary (Director: Christaan Felber, Producer: Jeniffer Agudelo, DOP: Zach Sky, Editor: Sawhorse Production).

“In the Southwest of Colombia, there is a city where salsa dancing exists in a form that is unique in its boldness and energy, yet pure in its tradition and style. Cali, known as the world’s salsa dancing capital, and its people (referred to as Caleños) own this iconic dancing style. The city has been the muse of many salsa musicians, making it the subject of illustrative songs that tell the story of the ‘salsa Caleña’ style as a symbol of an entire culture. Salsa Caleña is not only danced but consumed with a burst of energy, joy, and sentimentality that brightens the streets of Cali whenever there’s salsa music playing. From professional salsa dancers and musicians to nightclub owners and costume designers, “From Heaven is Cali” (whose title is taken from the famous salsa/Cali anthem Cali Pachenguero by Grupo Niche), explores the relationships between this unique art form and the people whose lives are interwoven into a culture that has become synonymous with the city of Cali.”
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HUF x SMASHING PUMPKINS Collection video by Photographer and Director DUSTIN AKSLAND c/o GIANT ARTISTS

DUSTIN AKSLAND c/o GIANT ARTISTS realized a video in coop with Tyler Smolinski for the HUF x SMASHING PUMPKINS Collection.

25 years ago, The Smashing Pumpkins released their third and most critically acclaimed album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. The album, which included tracks like “1979”, “Tonight, Tonight”, “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”, and “Zero”, is some of The Smashing Pumpkin’s most memorable and mentioned work to date. HUF x The Smashing Pumpkins pays tribute to the Mellon Collie album on its 25th anniversary and draws inspiration from some of SP’s most influential work throughout the 90s.

The HUF x Smashing Pumpkins capsule collection features an array of graphics, each paying homage to what is arguably the Pumpkins’ most coveted work. Drawing inspiration from The Smashing Pumpkins’ iconic work throughout the 90s, this collection is made up of T-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies and holiday shirts, with a few unique accessories thrown in for good measure. Shop the HUF x The Smashing Pumpkins collection here: https://www.hufworldwide.com/huf_en_u...
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PRACTICE SAFE SETS – whether fashion, beauty, sport or lifestyle – YOUNG GUNS 18 finalist and Director GRACE RIVERA c/o GIANT ARTISTS presents you video and photo productions in times of Covid-19

Congratulations! GRACE RIVERA c/o GIANT ARTISTS made it onto the coveted list of Young Guns 18 in the category Photography. Her works in the areas of fashion, lifestyle and sport were appreciated by the jurors including Anthony Coleman, Design Director of Nike North America, Wayne Deakin, Exec. Creative Director of Huge London, Brandon Drew, Jordan Pierce, VP Exec. Creative Director of Hulu, to Sherina Florence, Creative Director at Ogilvy, Genie Gurnani, Exec. Creative Director at Virtue Worldwide or Nia Lawrence, Creative Director at Essence Communications.

How to realize professional fashion shoots, beauty productions and lifestyle videos in times of Covid-19 safely? The photographer and Director shows us here on GoSee. We also present you her latest showreel.

“Diversity, body positivity, and inclusivity are all big buzzwords nowadays, but for photographer and director Grace Rivera, these concepts are all part of who she has always been – as well as being uncommonly savvy. After completing her BFA at RISD, Rivera decided to learn the business side of photography and got an internship at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland. When she wasn’t soaking up insights from the agency’s producers, she was photographing her fellow interns, a diverse group of young people, each with their own unique story to share. The internship turned into a job, during which time Rivera developed a photographic style inspired by the truth-telling of artists such as Lauren Greenfield and Tierney Gearon but with a fashion- and beauty-centric twist. Her work is bold and graphic, and her subjects radiate personality and a relaxed, nothing-to-prove confidence – qualities that lend an honesty to her ad campaigns (for clients such as Adidas, Allbirds, Procter & Gamble, and Airbnb) and an immediacy to her editorial commissions (The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Vogue Mexico and The Hollywood Reporter, among others). Now based in Brooklyn, where she has a fully equipped photo studio, Rivera is developing her ongoing series on womanhood, from sisterhood and heartbreak to self-love. “I want to make images that contradict everything that girls have been told about how they’re supposed to behave,” she says.”
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