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featured by GoSee ART : ‘THE LEGEND - TUPAC’ – the new XL coffee table book photographed by Michel Haddi

This month (the month that 2Pac sadly left this world in 1996), Michel Haddi is launching a 40-page, oversized glossy book dedicated to the late legendary rapper and actor Tupac Amaru Shakur, AKA 2Pac – who is widely considered to be one of the most influential rappers of all time and is definitely among the best-selling music artists.

2023 is also a year which celebrates 50 years of hip hop and rap music. The launch of this limited edition (500 worldwide) numbered book features quotes from Tupac who, in 1993, was lensed by Michel Haddi for a series of captivating images – now compiled for the first time in ‘The Legend – Tupac’. It pays ultimate tribute to 2Pac in a portfolio of monochromatic shots in a 45x30cm, 40-page, signed and numbered edition.

“l am happy to present this gem of a book : ‘The Legend – Tupac’ with many of its images featured previously unseen to this day,” says Michel Haddi. “The sad thing is, in my lab in New York City, all of my archives were stolen. So what remains here is a collection of very unique images to share and enjoy of this timeless icon known as 2Pac. The Legend is hot, will go fast and be remembered.” Michel Haddi.

During a magazine shoot, Tupac was there and super cool as ever,” says Michel Haddi. “He was with John Singleton because they had just made the 1993 classic film ‘Poetic Justice’. Still slightly hallucinating from the road accident I experienced earlier that day, I suddenly look at 2Pac and I see an image of Martin Luther King. I say to Tupac that I would like to shoot him dressed in a suit, like a real gent, and he obliged, in the most courteous of manners. So here we are, a new rendition of Martin.”

“This 45x30cm full-bleed book contains 40 pages of magnificent images produced in black & white and four-color throughout. It has a front cover of 350-gram GalerieArt Gloss laminated paper, and 300-gram GalerieArt gloss paper for the text pages inside.

“We spared no costs because only the best would do for ‘The Legend’. Each copy is hand-signed, shrink-wrapped, and numbered from 1–500. The book was beautifully designed by Creative Director, Roberto Da Pozzo.” Michel Haddi.

A photographer and film director,
Haddi is currently based in London where he also manages a publishing house, MHS publishing, which publishes his own books among others.

THE LEGEND – TUPAC’ . Price: £100,00
 ISBN: 978-0-9930347-7-0 .  mhspublishing.com/publications/the-legend-tupac
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BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! - photographs by 63 queer international photographers, appearing at Kehrer Publishing

The latest BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! book presents new work by around sixty photographers from some thirty countries, including China, India, Iran, Poland, and Russia, in which gay rights are repressed and queer lives are under constant threat.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!, founded by The Little Black Gallery and curated by Ghislain Pascal, is dedicated to promoting queer and gay fine art photography. The first BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! book was published in 2019, and the second followed in 2020. Both were quickly sold out. Part of the proceeds of this edition will be donated to charities supporting the LGBTQ+ community and fighting the HIV / AIDS epidemic.

Ghislain Pascal worked as a celebrity agent and publicist for many years – and as such, for legendary photographer Bob Carlos Clarke. Following the death of Bob Carlos Clarke in the year 2006, he managed Estate of Bob Carlos Clarke. In 2008, he founded the Little Black together with Tamara Beckwith Veroni, one of the leading photography galleries in London. He is a passionate collector of photographs, all kept in a permanent exhibition space at his house in France. He is the editor of the BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! books and magazines.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS!Edited by Ghislain Pascal, texts by Ghislain Pascal, designed by Studio Kunze . Hardcover . 20 x 24 cm . 208 pages . 108 color and 33 B/W illustrations . English
ISBN 978-3-96900-114-1 . € 48.00 . GoSee : boysboysboys.org

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GoSee Book Tip : ‘The Art of Friendship’ by Jenn Bane & Trin Garritano with 50 illustrations by Alissa Levy (Knesebeck Publishing)

On 30 July, the International Day of Friendship will be celebrated once again. Knesebeck Publishing is taking the opportunity to bring out a beautiful coffee-table publication: 'The Art of Friendship – finding friends, being friends, staying friends’. Why is it so hard to find and make new friends? This guide has the answers to questions all about friendship! The book was illustrated by Dortmund-based artist and author Alissa Levy. Her pastel illustrations often depict the little humorous special things of everyday life.

The book ‘ The Art of Friendship’ by Jenn Bane & Trin Garritano reminds us how good it makes you feel when you make new friends and cherish old friendships. How do you master the art of smalltalk? How does an acquaintance become a friendship? How do you deal with it when things get complicated? And how do you find real friends online? With plenty of humor, it gives helpful tips for all the ups and downs of every friendship.

Friendships in a digital world in which the little things between us humans are often neglected. Over time, you lose track of friends from childhood days. Not to mention when you have to move to somewhere else entirely… Then you ask yourself how to keep old friendships alive, but also how do you go about making new acquaintances and friends in a new town. The fact that you don’t necessarily have to become a stranger to your childhood friends despite your lifestyle or where you live, what’s important if you want a friendship to work, how to make new friends, or how to properly cultivate friendships – all this and more is what this book is about.

Alissa Levy was born in 1992 in Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of six, she immigrated to Dortmund with her family where she still lives today. While studying at the Folkwang University of the Arts, she already began working as a freelance illustrator. Since graduating with a Master’s degree, she continues to illustrate for books, magazines and her own shop. She works mainly internationally in the areas of editorial, lifestyle and fashion.

GoSee alissalevy.net
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