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featured by Anke Luckmann : NordKapp – a poetic snow-covered landscape photographed by ANKE LUCKMANN

“Nordkapp – a poetic snow-covered landscape which seems like a gateway to the wide world. If you take a closer look, though, it tells a different kind of story …” photographer ANKE LUCKMANN lets us know about her personal work, which was created on one of her many journeys.

Nordkapp, or North Cape, is a Norwegian municipality in the county of Troms og Finnmark. The larger part of the municipality is located on the island of Magerøya while the smaller part is on the Norwegian mainland, with which Magerøya has been connected by the 6,875m North Cape Tunnel since 1999. At one of the northern tips of Magerøya lies what is referred to as The North Cape, a slate plateau rising steeply out of the Arctic Ocean which is often incorrectly referred to as the northernmost point of Europe.

And even though the part about the northernmost point may not be entirely true – it still attracts travelers from all over the world year after year to Nordkapp.
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featured by Sven Jacobsen : The carefree time of youthful self-awareness is what LIKE BIRDS stands for – the new book by photographer SVEN JACOBSEN is now available

The illustrated book entitled LIKE BIRDS by photographer Sven Jacobsen was just published by Hatje Cantz. Sven Jacobsen takes us back to a carefree time of youthful self-awareness, to a summer full of adventure, lightness and absolute freedom. In their immediacy, a timeless dimension develops in his photographs of youngsters experimenting; exuberantly jumping into the water; clambering around on fences, poles, and dunes; being silly; kissing; skateboarding; or simply lying in the tall grass. In this way, the lakes, dunes, or apartments depicted become places of collective memory.

The spherical landscapes captured in this way – the snapshots of youthful freedom in all its beauty, its chaos, its silence, and its loudness – quickly develop a narrative pull. What looks like a light-hearted summer snapshot on the surface may suddenly touch deeper layers of the subconscious.

Sven Jacobsen : … “If we observe living things long enough, we can see the entire beauty and tragedy of the world in them…”

Sven Jacobsen (*1969) began working as a freelance photographer in 1999 after studying architecture. He is known for his campaigns for major clients such as BMW, Nikon, and Coca-Cola as well as for his editorials for magazines such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and Interview.

The exhibitions for this project are planned at the Circle Culture Gallery in Hamburg and Berlin in August, 2021. GoSee : circleculture-gallery.com

LIKE BIRDS – Sven Jacobsen . With texts by Joachim Meyerhoff and Nadine Barth . 208 pages, hardcover, size: 24 x 30cm . Language: English, German . isbn 978-3-7757-5032-5svenjacobsen.com//likebirds
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