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news featured by Victor Jon Goico VICTOR JON GOICO stages the PORSCHE PANAMERA TURBO Sonderwunsch for Porsche AG

Until springtime 2024, when the new Porsche Panamera generation launches, the carmaker gives us a glimpse of everything customer’s can do with Porsche’s Sonderwunsch, or special wishes, customization program. All on a very special model : The Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch – demonstrating what the very personal dream sports car of its Sonderwunsch customers could look like.

For Porsche AG, VICTOR JON GOICO staged the PORSCHE PANAMERA TURBO Sonderwunsch with the specially developed, custom Leblon Violet Metallic paint job in the studio using the Gybow LED rig system. The location was created almost entirely in 3D, from which the HDRIs for the Gybow studio shoot were also generated.

The 3D environments and post production were in the hands of the RECOM CGI and POST team under the executive of Thorsten Jasper Weese. With creative support from Sven Sorgatz, the team brainstormed ideas for the concept in no time – it only took five weeks from kick-off idea to vehicle premiere.

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