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Searching for the rush – a breathtaking race with jockey Per Anders Gråberg, one of Sweden’s best, for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC by DOP Joachim THORNQVIST c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

With over 10,000 races under his belt, jockey Per Anders Gråberg handles the curves of the track like a Formula One driver in this equally risky profession. Filmmaker Clara Tägtström captures the rider in slow motion using a Phantom camera. Horse racing can be dangerous for both the jockey and the horse, with factors such as weather and varying track surfaces affecting a horse’s stability. Horse welfare and safety has been of special concern in light of the spike in horse deaths at California’s Santa Anita race track. DOP was Joachim THORNQVIST c/o ANDREA HEBERGER.

You can watch the 3-minute spot from April 2019 on National Geographic in the SHORT FILM SHOWCASE. GoSee : video.nationalgeographic.com//short-film-showcase

About – The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the world and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic’s belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are their own, not those of National Geographic Partners. GoSee : video.nationalgeographic.com//short-film-showcase
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ANDREA HEBERGER presents you the ‘Black Friday’ spot for VIRGIN Mobile by Art Director PIANO AND THE FOX here on GoSee.NEWS

Virgin Mobile, founded in 1999 in the UK, is today the brand name of several mobile phone companies in the UK, Australia, Argentina, Ecuador, France, Brazil, India, Ireland, Canada, Columbia, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, and the US. They were each founded in partnership with the Virgin Group and a large local network provider, and operate as independent corporations. In the UK, Virgin Mobile UK the fourth largest mobile phone company in the country, but does not operate its own network.

The spot presented here was created by JellyLondon for VIRGIN MOBILE under the art direction of PIANO AND THE FOX: “I have developed two TV commercials (‘Launch’ and ‘Black Friday’), featuring cell phones from Samsung, Sony, and Hawaii, plus products from the Sony Playstation. The long-lasting TVC series was developed, animated and designed by me with the aid of the in-house staff of JellyKitchen. Various publications for this campaign across different platforms, such as national newspapers and social media, have followed my design and direction.” GoSee!
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The cap specialists from Oslo – Anton ENERLÖV c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographs the VARSITY Base Caps Spring collection

VARSITY was founded by two brothers from Norway, Alex and Seb, with the goal of creating the perfect cap. “From the very beginning, we have focused on perfecting the fit, feel and fabrics of our caps. Relentless in the pursuit of our mission – we have developed beautifully made, quality caps to meet the demands of our customers and withstand the test of time.” Varsity meanwhile boasts a wide range of caps loved by customers in all corners of the globe.

The Spring ‘21 looks were photographed by Anton ENERLÖV c/o ANDREA HEBERGER in North Sweden. GoSee : varsityheadwear.com
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