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Category  Fashion · VIP · Sports
Location  London
about // Photographer Jack Bridgland - Helium Production Berlin Jack’s passion for creating such vibrant and high energy photography has both brought him commercial and editorial success - working for the likes of Real Madrid, Justin Timberlake and Billie...

Magdiel LOPEZ

Category  Illustrator · Collage
Location  Dallas
about // Digital Artist Magdiel Lopez - Helium Production Berlin Born in Havana Cuba, Magdiel Lopez spent his childhood years inspired by the colorful culture that surrounded him. Magdiel decided to reveal his work in a series called “A Poster A Day” —...


Category  Director
Location  London
about // Director Rory McKellar - Helium Production Berlin Based in London, Rory has more than twenty years of professional experience in commercial video – and his long-term passion for automotive shines through in his work.


Category  Director
Location  Berlin
about // Director Markus Wentlandt - Helium Production Berlin Director Markus Wentlandt - Helium Production Berlin

Patrick KENAWY

Category  Lifestyle · Fashion
Location  Amsterdam
about // Kenawy’s interests in storytelling through combining cultures, diversity in people and places around the world makes his work unique. He finds his inspiration in everyday life around him and while...
clients // Adidas Originals • Air Jordan • Asics • ByBorre • Carhartt WIP • College van de Rechten van de Mens • Daily Paper • Fjällräven • Footlocker Europe • Maha Amsterdam • Mizuno • Nike • OnePlus • Obey...