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news ‘Wild Ride’ - the new PORSCHE 911 Dakar with archive material from the year 1984, commercial by director CACHE BUNNY & HOCHKANT FILM for KEKO

What a ride, what a result! Together with director Cache Bunny, HOCHKANTFILM produced a captivating film for PORSCHE Middle East. The Porsche 911 Dakar is an homage to the winning car of the rally from 1984. The idea was to bring both worlds together in a video. To do so, archive material of René Metge, who won the Paris-Dakar rally in the years 1981, 1984 and 1986, were creatively combined with the new Porsche model.

Cache Bunny : “Porsche wanted to showcase their new 911 Dakar while paying homage to the car that inspired it – the 1984 Porsche 953. They gave me archive footage from 1984 and a chance to shoot whatever I wanted with the new 911 Dakar, so I decided to have the two cars racing side by side in different decades. I needed to direct 1984’s race winner, Rene Metge, to walk and fall for this transition, so we got an actor to be Rene’s body double, made a custom shirt to match the one he raced in, and brought in a crowd of people in 80s clothes to build a convincing remake...

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