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featured by Kristina Korb GmbH : Are you ready for ‘MY WAY’ – Hunter & Gatti c/o KRISTINA KORB stages the 360° campaign for ARMANI’s perfume as a magical trip around the world with model and actress Adria Arjona

I am what I live … – Hunter & Gatti c/o KRISTINA KORB staged the 360° campaign for ARMANI’s perfume ‘My Way’. To do so, they teamed up with the Armani team and model & actress Adria Arjona to take a trip to Japan, India, Thailand and Spain in 2020. The campaign was designed to mirror this journey realistically and naturally, while celebrating the most diverse and beautiful places in our wonderful world. Adria Arjona is a Puerto Rican actress who lives and works in the US. She is the daughter of Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona. Because of the line of work her father is in and his concerts in Latin and South America, she was already a heavy traveler during her childhood and lived mainly in Mexico City until she was twelve. At the age of eighteen, she moved to New York City by herself in order to pursue a career as an actress.

Kristina Korb : “Hunter & Gatti wanted to create a realistic experience with this campaign and take customers along with them on the trip. It was important for them to be directly on location in the different countries so that they could capture authentic moments with the different cultures and people. This journey is all about getting to know oneself just as much as constant transition.”

Because the My Way perfume cosmos is not necessarily about discovering new places, but mainly about the journey itself and about going your own way. On the team were Danielle Goldberg for Styling, Jennifer Yepez for hairstyling and Cedric Jolivet for make-up.
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featured by Kristina Korb GmbH : Innovation. Lightness. Comfort. – Hunter & Gatti c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed Wonder Woman Gal Gadot for the BOLON Eyewear S/S 2020 campaign

Hunter & Gatti c/o KRISTINA KORB already photographed the global campaign for Chinese eyewear brand BOLON Eyewear with actress Gal Gadot in 2020. The understated and very expressive photos are focused on Gal Gadot’s natural and incomparable charisma, which is why it was quite easy to stage the eyewear in wonderful imagery. The photos – and thus the eyewear – make a stylish and modern appearance. Perfect for modern women with style. Hairstyling by Renato Campora and make-up by Sabrina Bedrani. GoSee :
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