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by Susanne Stemmer

Kids · Director
Paris, Vienna
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news | Who snaffled Teddy’s hat? - ILVIE & BEN photograph the fashion editorial for Geneva’s BABYBOOK kids fashion magazine

ILVIE & BEN is the kids photography brand full of imagination by artist and photographer Susanne Stemmer. ILVIE & BEN photograph & produce somewhat different children’s stories – as editorials, commercials, moving images or as photo spreads that tell a story. They just produced the spread presented here on GoSee for BABYBOOK KIDS FASHION MAG from Geneva. Styling: Lia Carrier-Thabaret, make-up: Birgit Fuchs, retouching: Malkasten.

It’s a nuisance.” - All dressed up for a good time with his friends in a wonderful hotel, just after arriving with their freshly polished side car… Teddy finds his hat got snaffled by some annoying thief. - But where can it be? - And who is the suspect? …It must have been just after tea time, this is for sure.

Teddy” and his friends start their investigation. - They comb through all detective books in the library to find out how to do a really good investigation. - They look everywhere, even with their magnifying glass. - They write down every clue they...

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