Silja Yvette 'SEASON OF ADMIN' - installation view

Silja Yvette 'SEASON OF ADMIN' - installation view

Artist Silja Yvette

GoSee loves... Silja Yvette 'SEASON OF ADMIN' (artist book, Kerber Publishing) – deals with the concepts of nature, society, subject, and object as well as the hybrid forms of actions between the human and non-human

SEASON OF ADMIN is the first book by Frankfurt-based artist Silja Yvette (* 1986) and was recently published by Kerber Verlag. Not only the name made us curious but also the captivating cover. The lovingly designed book, elaborately produced with different paper qualities, contains exciting photographic tableaus. The subjects of Silja Yvette emanate an air of tranquility, inviting the beholder to continue looking and to linger.

"At the...

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