Antje Plewinski c/o NINA RAUTENBERG for Ankerkraut

Antje Plewinski c/o NINA RAUTENBERG for Ankerkraut

Client Ankerkraut
Photographer Antje Plewinski c/o Nina Rautenberg
Food Styling Max Faber und Anke Rabeler c/o Nina Rautenberg

Nina Rautenberg: Recipe development and photo production 'The Grillbook' for Ankerkraut GmbH and a stop-motion video for Kenkodo and Metabolomic Discoveries

Food photographer ANTJE PLEWINSKI is known for her stop-motion films, and recently realized a how-to video for the metabolism analysis service Kenkodo. With Kenkodo, developed by Potsdam-based company Metabolomic Discoveries, well-being is improved using a sampling kit and an app as a mobile diary.

From magic dust on ribs, fruity rubbed chicken, and homemade herb butter on steak – Ankerkraut maximizes the BBQ experience. Flavor...

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