ETERNA - das hat Stil - Post by GOLD

ETERNA - das hat Stil - Post by GOLD


ETERNAS new stylish image campaign 2019, creation by Serviceplan, shot by Florian Weichselbaumer and post and final artwork by Gold. The QR codes in the ads offer a portal to some augmented reality features - check it out. The ads can be seen in a wide variety of lifestyle magazines including but not only Vogue, Madame and Cosmopolitan.

Advertising Agency Serviceplan Group
Post Production GOLD GmbH
Photographer Florian Weichselbaumer

Style or icon? Retouching, composing and look development by GOLD Postproduction for Serviceplan’s ETERNA Fall 2019 campaign – dare to take a trip into the augmented reality of 2019 !

Master craftsmanship since 1863. The Fall 2019 campaign developed by Serviceplan for shirt specialist ETERNA had final touches put on by Munich-based post production company GOLD GmbH. Gold is responsible for retouching, composing and look development of the motifs shot by Florian Weichselbaumer for the fashion company backed by more than 150 impressive years of tradition. These feminine motifs come with a special twist: The ads equipped with...

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