COSMOPOLA GMBH | Frank Groll - Printed by Parkinson Campaign

COSMOPOLA GMBH | Frank Groll - Printed by Parkinson Campaign

DOP Frank Groll c/o Cosmopola GmbH
Production Cosmopola GmbH / Barbi Mlczoch
Usage AWARDS 2019
Advertising Agency Innocean Worldwide Europe, Leonie Knorr
Photographer Ender Suenni c/o Cosmopola GmbH

Keep Research Alive ! Charité Berlin made a big splash in Summer 2019 with the "Printed by Parkinson's" campaign by Innocean Worldwide - with artwork by Ender SUENNI (photos) and Frank GROLL (film), both artists c/o COSMOPOLA

Charité Berlin is raising awareness for Parkinson’s disease with the world’s first "diseased machine". With more than 10 million people suffering from Parkinson’s across the globe, Charité Berlin strived to raise awareness with an art-based campaign. It was created by a machine that mimics the individual symptoms of those suffering from Parkinson’s.

The fundraising campaign, which includes a doc-series, was created by Innocean Worldwide...

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