Stefan Thurmann für glo, B.A.T.

Stefan Thurmann für glo, B.A.T.

Client glo, British American Tobacco
Advertising Agency geometry
Art Buyer Susanne Nagel
Styling Sabina Grimm
Photographer Stefan Thurmann c/o JULIA WALDMANN

Heat-not-Burn. THE WORLD OF glo™ – Stefan THURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN was commissioned by the agency geometry to photograph for the brand GLO

‘Heat-not-Burn’ is the name of an innovative technology which heats tobacco instead of burning it. An intelligent electronic mechanism brings out the ultimate tobacco taste. This is how it works: When tobacco is heated, nicotine and other compounds are released by means of an aerosol – without ashes or cigarette odors.

GLO: “Small tobacco sticks which we call neo™ are heated up to a temperature of 270°C. As soon as our neo™ sticks reach this...

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