Lena Burmann, "Studienkredit", für die KFW Bank

Lena Burmann, "Studienkredit", für die KFW Bank

Client KFW Bank
Advertising Agency Freunde des Hauses
Art Buyer Cora Pulow
Producer Andrea Bößenecker
Styling Syria Bellisario
Photographer Lena BURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN

Lena BURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographs for the agency Freunde des Hauses on the topic of ‘Student Loans’ for the KFW BANK

“Students all need money for rent and the cafeteria, for their cell phone, going to the movies or on short trips. That’s what the KfW student loan is for. A promotional loan which puts up to € 650 into your bank account each month – regardless of your income and that of your parents. Because of the Covid-19 crisis, the interest rate is at 0%. Which is why your monthly payment remains the same until 31 March, 2021, and you receive the full...

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